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Lymphoid tissue in throat

On the 6th September I saw an ENT as I had bumps in my throat. The ENT examined me, and looked at the lumps through my nose with a Flexible Laryngoscopy. he said they were lymphoid tissue, and that they were like "little tonsils" that pop up during infections (I had my tonsils removed as a child) and he said he wasnt concerned about them as they were normal anatomy, he said that I have obviously been having repeated throat infections, I told him about my post nasal drip also, he also asked if I suffered from acid reflux, and told him that it was very rare that I did, but he gave me a two month supply of omeprazole anyway. He took a blood test to check for vitamin b12, full blood count, liver function, he also said he would refer me to his ENT collegue who specialised in throats particularly, and if the lumps were to go down not to bother going to my next appointment with the other consultant.

Yesterday 24th September, I received a copy of the letters that this ENT consultant has sent to my doctor (gp) and to the consultant he is referring me to, in it he does not say what my blood results are, and he asks the new consultant to "review" me and that my diagnosis is lymphoid tissue due to repeated infections/laryngitis.

What i am puzzled by it: 1: Why he is referring me to another ENT if he isnt concerned and it is normal anatomy, and 2: If something would have shown on my blood test would I have heard by now? I have also not received an appointment yet for the new consultant, I was first refered to the original ENT by my doctor back in july and didnt get an appointment until 6th sept.  Thanks for any advice you can give.
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Also wanted to add, I think the repeat throat infections are from my post nasal drip as it is terrible most days/nights, I dont get why the consultant didnt give me any medication for that :/
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