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MRI results after being diagnosed with Vertigo?

For the past couple of years I've had spells of Labyrinthitis which on average lasted no more than 6 weeks.  Earlier this year I had a particularly bad spell and was referred to ENT as I'd started to get ringing in the ears in the morning and was worried about it being Meniers Disease.

The ENT consultant said it was more likely to be Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo but sent me for an MRI scan to check for any other complications.  The results have come back as:
- Periventricular Signal Change
- Posterior Hemispheric Volume Loss
- Possible Abnormal Cerebral Sulcation
- Focal Vertical Sulcation

I'm 31, female and in fairly good health so hoping it's nothing too alarming.  The earliest I could get back in with the Consultant is at the end of October so got a whole month to get paranoid!  I'm still having dizzy periods along with headaches and a strange pressure feeling in head.  I did have a weird period of fainting spells maybe 4-5 years ago but they seem to have stopped.

Wondering if anyone else has had similar and if it all ties in with balance disorders?
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Hi , after reading this I noticed that I have the same symptoms , it's like a blackout feeling my head gets like a shock and I feel like I will pass out but I never do . I was getting really nervous about this .
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