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MUMPS for 7 (SEVEN) MONTHS????????

I had a nose surgery (to correct a deviated septum) in the end of January. In February (15 days after that!) I woke up and I said to myself "I've got mumps"!!
My doctor might have been afraid to tell me that, so he said it was something else and never asked an exam. Another dr asked an exam in which we could only infer I had a parotiditis, but not specific for mumps.

Ok, I waited for the mumps to leave me alone.. forgot about it.... (although I lost about 17 pounds after all that phase of surgery + mumps)

It happens that in MAY I started to feel weird and have lots of weird symptoms (night sweats, rash in the head, neck and trunk, photophobia, blurred vision, painful neck/ lymph nodes, earache, etc etc etc)

I've had a high lymphocyte count for months. Since May until some days ago. After the high lymphocyte count, there was a high basophile count, then everything got ok with my blood count (I hope so at least, hope tests are right!)

NO one can find out why I'm having those weird symptoms. I've been seing doctors of all kinds, since gynecologist to infectologist, ENT, etc.

An Ultrasound found a 1 cm cyst in the right lobe of my thyroid (still didn't return to the dr to know more about it), but it seems like this isn't causiing me all the pain, which started to be felt in all my lymph nodes and didn't improve after the blood test got ok.

Maybe it's good to mention I've been bitten by ticks (got tested and I'm ok), and I took doxycycline to prevent a disease.  ONLY AFTER DOXYCYCLINE my blood count got normal again.

Ok, so now I'll get to the point: as no doctor could find the reason for my illness, one of them, very wisely, asked a specific exam to determine if I really had MUMPS after the surgery, or if it was a parotoditis.

Well, I've just got the result, and it seems incredible!!!

All the blood tests (including erythocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein, tick parasites, etc), all came back NORMAL.
ABout mumps, the only exam that I thought wouldn't make a difference now...


*the lab suggests a new test after 15 days


As far as I know, both can't react at the same time!! And it's not possible to have mumps, "weak" or not for SEVEN months!! IS IT???

Please, I need to know what this can be. I'll only be able to see my doctor in 2 weeks!!!
Can this mean I have a problem in my immune system? An autoimmune disease, maybe? Even if theer's the slightest possibility, I'd like to know. PLEASE?!..

It's hard to believe this can be possible, but... it makes sense when I think of my neck hurting and the lymph nodes.. it's weird 'cause the pain started to spread to other lymph nodes too. Maybe 'cause the infectionis taking too long?

* note: I took doxycycline 3 weeks before the exam in which the blood test came back ok, and the mumps reacted like that.

I know there's a chance the lab messed up with my blood samples, but thinking about earache, vision impairment, abdominal pain, dweakness, neck pain, the high lymphocyte and basophile count I've been having for the last months.. they suggest the same things I had when I had mumps "for real" (in february).

If anyone can help in ANY way, I'll be extremely thankful!
I just want to know if I can have a problem with my immunity.. that's it...

**** ah, I don't know if this counts, but I suspect my mother has lupus and hides it from me. Would it count at all if it were true? What if it's not?


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