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Mastoiditis and excema

After 2 1/2 days inpatient treatment (5 bags IV antibiotics plus pain meds) for severe mastoiditis I was discharged and sent home with prescriptions, an ear wick and a diagnosis of excema that allowed infection into my ear canal. The mastoiditis is not the first time in the last four months that I've experienced this and it's definitely not resolved. The fluid buildup throughout the half of my face with the infection persists as does the pain and loss of hearing. At this point I'm finding it difficult to manage pain with anything prescribed or OTC and am afraid of the infection spreading even though I was discharged from the hospital with antibiotics and had high doses of rocephin IV. Is it possible the ear wick and drops will actually be what helps this as the ENT thinks and I just have to wait or is he just blowing smoke up my butt because he's at a loss? No CT or MRI was done because the hospital "didn't want to expose me to more radiation" since I've had 2 such procedures in the last 4 months-which means they didn't think my insurance would approve it.
I would find the explanation plausible about the excema and the extreme treatment if the onset had not been so rapid ( symptoms to admittance = 3 days) and the infection so resistant to treatment or the doctor not suggesting any steroids for the inflammation. Anyone familiar at all with this? It's a pretty desperate situation at this point.  Thank you.
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Hi Kayarts,
My husband has mastoiditis and otitis media with effusion also called glue ear.Did you mean otitis externa or eczema? He has never had the I.V of antibiotics just the pills. He has had tubes  put in his ears and they vacuumed out the fluid when they put them in. They also wanted to do mastoidectomy surgery where they go in and scrape the infection out of the bone but he didn't want that intrusion in his head. Do you have tube in your ears? To cope he exercises,  stretches and does relaxation techniques. He also eats well, nutritious foods. Limiting caffeine will reduce the fluid/mucous that the body makes. It can be an ongoing situation but it can be managed. I should think that the pain will subside when the infection clears up. Limiting CT scans for now is probably a good idea unless there are further complications or it doesn't clear up. I wish you the best in your recovery. Keep us posted on your progress.
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