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Meniere's Disease - There's always a way...

I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease several years back.  I had it bad and it’s one of the worst things to experience… lying on the floor next to the toilet… helpless..

Menieres Disease in the plain English means; we don’t know what’s wrong and we don’t know how to fix it.

Like many of you I was told there’s no cure… you just have to learn to live with it. I refused to believe that.

After several months of my wife and I doing tons of research, reading all the forums, contacting the best experts in the industry. We found the ingredients to the cure of Menieres Disease.

I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had this knowledge for a couple of years and I never posted it on the forum to help others...

I'm sorry that I was so selfish. I was cured and was "too busy" to share what I found. Today that changes..
Here is the formula that I found that cured me

- Nucca, it's a specialized chiropractic association that adjusts the C1 atlas. The C1 atlas is close to your ear and thousands of nerves go through the C1. If its off just the length of your finger nail it can effect the equilibrium.

  Last time I checked their was only about 21 board certified people in the world. I went to Glenn Cripe in Newport. He's very expensive but  I would gladly pay a price if there was a chance it might cure the vertigo

Next, you need a very very good acupuncture. I researched and found the one the best in OC. 4th generation and they handle all the big cases. Reason for acupuncture is Your immune system; When your immune system your body is low it can't fight the viruses very well. If there's a virus between your ears then when your immune system is low then it can attack the virus. This took about a month or so but be patient, adjust your diet and it does make a difference.

Sleep, Go to bed between 9pm and 11pm and get your 7-8hrs. Going to bed during that time theirs research that shows that's when your body repairs it's self the most and builds up your immune system

Third was the ear candles, I forget what there called but it helps with the ringing in your ears and relieves some pressure by removing the ear wax.. This not a big fix but it helps a little..

Then lastly was the stress... Not just the daily stress but anytime that I had something that I was keeping a secret or that I did something wrong but didn't tell anyone.. but it was eating at me inside. Or I had something that was really big on my mind and was really worried about it. Those stress causes attacks...

What was eating me...Was eating me... When I finally got those off my chest... The attacks went away

So you can do just one of those above but it's the combination of all of them that will give you the freedom of vertigo..

It has for me and living with Chronic Vertigo is the worst thing...

I'm sorry I didn't write this earlier when I had this information...

If any of you have any questions you can email me ***@****

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