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"Meniere's Disease"

I was recently diagnosed with Meniere's disease (cochlear hydrops).  My symptoms started after a concert that was way too loud for me to bear, and followed with a couple months of tinnitus, muffled hearing, and inner ear pain. My symptoms went away for about a month or two and came back starting with muffled hearing, then tinnitus and inner ear pain.  Most recently, my symptoms have evolved to include ear pressure/fullness and imbalance.  I have never experienced extreme vertigo like many others with the same diagnosis.  My doctor prescribed me a low-salt diet and diuretics, but I already eat a very low salt diet and tend to have low blood pressure, making diuretics hard to take.  I'm wondering if there are any other suggested remedies for this to eliminate the symptoms and prevent further damage to my inner ears.  It seems to be in both ears, but most noticeable in my right ear.  I'm curious if this could be brought on by doing inversions in my yoga practice (head stands, back bends, etc) because of increased pressure brought into the head.  Thank you!
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