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Middle ear infection ENT question

Hello my name is amber. I have same problem but different I have a middle ear infection I am prone to them since I was little. My ears have never drained properly. Right now I haven been able to hear out of my right ear for two months and left ear I can hear a little not much. Both are cloged and sometimes painful. With coffing. Up flrm stuffy noes and really bad throat pains. All this has been going on for two months Dr had me on a prescribed noes spray and well as allergy meds and tried me on two different anti biopic and well as prgnazone steroid. Nothing is helping. Dr sent refusal to SENT Dr. But does any one have any idea what is going on? Tiered of middle ear inflections.  Sincerely amber
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  My problem caused a loud roar in my ears along with vertigo but I cleared it up over the years by developing correct posture and using a single shot of afrin in each nostril and at times using neilmed or similar salt water flush.  If I take the steriod spray I get vertigo again.
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Hi Amber, you need to get this treated as soon as possible. As I've got a family member who has impaired her hearing after having a severe viral infection. She kept it for long without treating it. Do not keep it for long. Get it treated as soon as possible. Meet a good audiologist. If you live in Toronto then Hearing solutions is a good place to find a good audiologist.
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