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Migraines or Nasal Polyps

I have done a brain scan because i was looking for a problem in my brain to find out why i suffered from such severe migraines. This scan showed i have chronic sinus and i have nasal polyps. But i went to a private doctor and he agreed with the scan i even saw another doctor and he also agreed that there is swelling in my nose after looking in them  (left side nasal polyps) and recently i visited an ENT and she looked and said she wasn't seeing any and from the scan its not 100% clear so now i have to do another scan to make sure but this time its more focused on my face. I've done a lot of research and i get more of the symptoms that nasal polyps give but its not saying much since Migraines also have some of the similar symptoms. My symptoms include: Nasal dripping (be this has not happened in a while but not too long), Severe pain in my head and also mid face like in my jaw, also i seem to have the cold at times but i don't because its only stuffy nose and runny nose. Its triggered by heat, not eating on time. i also get affected by bright light (with or without my migraines). This has taken a major toll on me ever since it happened to me as the pain is intense and i can't handle it at all and when i try to get accustomed to it, it gets worse and even more intense than the last time. I'm in so much pain and i have to wait to visit the doctor because i still haven't gotten the scan (second one). Getting more info on this would be truly helpful and i would be truly grateful Thanks in advance.
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