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Ménière's labyrinthitis or bppv?

This all started one morning when I woke up in the middle of the night with a serve vertigo attack! I thought I was dying, the next couple days these vertigo attacks happened on and off occasionally, but haven't been as bad the past couple of days! At the worst point they happened when I would get out of bed or my head a certain way along with looking at my phone up scrolling up and down! Went to a doctor who said it was bppv but after a couple of days of not feeling better I went to an ent who told me I have bppv but I have my doubt, here's why. I have some hearing loss in my right ear and occasional ringing (happens not too often and when it does it's not too bad) I also get the ringing occasionaly in my left ear but I don't have the hearing loss feeling or the ear ache as bad as I do in my right ear, but both ears seem to have some pain.. I also get aches in my kneck and under my eyes sometimes.. When I have attacks they usually are short from a minute or less but I can't tell if they happen longer sometimes or they just Recurr in a row! I am terrified about having Ménière's but my research tells me I have it but my ent assured me I don't ... So my family thinks I'm crazy but I'm literally going nuts trying to figure out what's wrong me with! I get really dehydrated and feel fatigue. This all started happening after a month of being sick ( the doctors thought I had strep even tho the results came back negative) so my ent told me I coulda had mono which seems like a possibly! The only hope I have is that it's labyrinthitis or bppv but if it's Ménière's I rather know so I can do everything I can to make this better . Please help!
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