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Moving Lump in throat / soft palate

Where do I begin...
I've had a lump in my throat for a while now. It causes me no pain, but the discomfort is unbearable. It feels like mucus is trapped in the back of my nose (but i can breathe fine) and when i try to swallow it nothing happens. The weird thing about this is that sometimes i feel whatever it is back then move down to the back of my uvula and it makes me gag / dry heave. After gagging a couple times whatever the substance is seeps back up into (what i call) the "comfy spot" where it doesnt bother me as much but i still feel its presence. Ive done tons of research and i dont know what i could have. I saw my dr and he simply swabbed the back of my throat 1 time and gave me antibiotics that didnt work. After weeks of more discomfort I saw an ENT, but the problem with this was i saw him when whatever is in my throat was in its "comfy spot". He looked into my nose with the camera thing, saw some white mucus and said i might be having an alergic reactoon to something and told me to use nasinex / saline spray. I have been using them since my visit but still i have this horrible feeling of something just stuck there. I cant swallow it, or cough it up. (Trust me I have tried....many times). Another thing I want to mention is that I do occasionally smoke marijuana. In the past, ive had no problems. But, recently smoking causes this foreign body to seeps down to the back of my uvula and make me gag. When it happens I see a lot of mucus in the back of my throat and white patches on my tongue. It bothers me so much to make it go away i pretty much have to go to sleep because if i dont al I do is frantically swallow and drink water trying to get rid of it. It may be nothing, but i have researched so much that i have found a possibility that it could be Gongylonema pulchrum. Which is a rare human worm that is in the esophogus and buccal cavity. If you look it up and read about Gongylonema pulchrum all the symptoms i have are REALLY spot on. It cannot fit down a human esophogus so thats why i think it can just be sitting in my throat/palate area. Everyone i try to explain this to thinks im crazy. I just need help this thing is driving me absolutely insane and i dont know what to do. Please help
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