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Mucous cyst in maxillary sinus plus headache and premolar pain on my right

Recently found out I have a right maxillary sinus mucous cyst from a mri I have. I was told to ask my doctor to refer me. But the doctor who told me about said in the notes that it don't need any investigation.
But now I'm starting to get premolar pain and I'm still getting alot of headache.asked my doctor and so she says no need for investigation or to see a Ent doc
What should I do?  
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Hi, I certainly think seeing an ENT is a good idea.  Infected tooth roots from the upper teeth can go inside the maxillary sinus and cause sinusitis.  The mucous cyst could be from chronically inflamed sinuses. However, if you do have an infected tooth, you will still need to have this addressed as dental infections can be potentially life-threatening. Regards.
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Hi I went to my dentist and he said the pain will go soon he didn't say anything about an infection but I might go and see a different one just to make sure thank you that private for me as my doctor is not gonner refer me beacuse of what the doctors said
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