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Muffled hearing, Tinnitus, Episodic Dizziness, Heavy Sensation On Left Side

Hello guys,

For a good 2 months now I've been having very nerving symptoms of which I have gone see the doctor about numerous times and have an appointment with a neurologist in under 2 weeks.

These are a list of the symptoms:

Started out as a strange heavy-like sensation on the left side of my body (no tingling, numbness or loss of balance)

Two weeks after, I got a blocked ear/muffled hearing + tinnitus (had this for over 2 months now and had numerous drops including sodium bicarbonate, sofradex. Also had amoxicillin and now on beconase. But nothing has worked. Doc tested with tuning fork which was positive for conductive hearing loss.)

Now getting episodic dizzy spells (which I was getting before I has the amoxicillin now getting it again, a sign the infection has returned maybe?) which are coupled with difficulty swallowing (also episodic). Which makes me feel overall horrible.

Interestingly, I'm getting similar symptoms to a post made years ago on this forum, all except the sinus issues and feeling breathless:


Anyone else had similar symptoms?

Much appreciated,

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