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My Ear after fungal infection - Is this normal? (pictures included)

I went to the doctors for an ear infection, he prescribed drops. After about 12 days he said the infection was dead and I could stop using the drops. Few days later ear hurt again and after checkup doctor told me to start the drops again. About a week later he told me he was sure it was gone this time and I can stop the drops again.

I bought a camera ear wax cleaning kit and looked myself, I could see the infection, it looked dead just a large black mass, I used the wax cleaning hook and removed it, it came out easy and I could hear normal again. Ear still looked swollen and somewhat ***** afterwards however I assumed this was just from having the infection and it would go away as it healed up.

A month passed and it doesn't seem to be changing, I have a faint ringing noise in this ear but nothing much. The past few days I started using 3% hydrogen peroxide drops to help clean it out, it bubbles like crazy in my ear. Should I keep doing this or stop?


Here is a link to pictures of inside my ear, I included a picture of my good ear for reference too. Why does it look so bad? If I didn't have the camera I would know it looked like that, it doesn't hurt my hearing is like 90% fine in that ear and I only have a very soft ringing noise. Do I need to book another appointment with my Doctor, I feel he wasn't very helpful since he was wrong about it being gone the first time and also didn't clean it out or anything afterwards, just said it will fall out sometime.


TLDR; is my ear ok or should I be worried?, images above.
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I think I would get a second opinion!
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