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My airway closes off for about a minute if I yawn big and deep.

Can laryngeal spasms be caused by yawning? Mg airway closes off for about sixty seconds every time I yawn really deep, it happens when my mouth is at its widest. I find the easiest way to help myself through it is to look up, tilt my chin far back...it seems to make it go away quicker and get some air in me.
I have severe asthma. I have been in ICU twice in the past six months, once on a ventilator. When I woke up and they took my vent tube out I had zero voice, and six months later it's not fully back and often fluctuates from mediocre to bad, but never getting better. I can't make high pitched sounds at all since then.I've been scoped, my larynx appears undamaged. I do occasionally have trouble swallowing, usually saliva, but sometimes food as well. My asthma medications aren't working like they used to, and my attacks seem to be without cause. I've been to an allergist, and I have a mild allergy to dust.
I have had other muscle spasms in other parts of my body, for which I saw a neurologist and had an EMG. It came back negative and the spasms were attributed to being caused by prednisone. The spasmy feeling that closes off my airway keeps happening, Even when I haven't been on prednisone for a really long time. I wonder if it is unrelated and may be a laryngeal spasms caused by my yawning.

Can anyone help?
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