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Mysterious ear problem.

I am a Bass Singer for a touring group and depend on my ears to make a living.

I want to preface my issue by stating that my audiometry tests are off the charts good. I hear very, very well.

BUT.... I do have a problem. Whenever I am listening to the radio or tv or even someone talking, there are certain frequencies that incite a static/crackling like noise in my left ear. I havent pinned it to a particular frequency yet, but do know that upper mid frequencies seem to be the ones that do it most. It isnt a constant thing, only happens when I hear specific frequencies..

I dont have any pain in my ear, but I have found that when I go swimming , I seem to have a big problem with pain when I go below say 6 feet... It never used to be a problem before.. some sort of Eustachian problem???

I also get this feeling of my ear "pressurizing" when I bend over (only my left ear) ... it isn't painful, this issue..but it is a major annoyance. again, my hearing is fantastic, but this crackling/static/pressure feeling is not normal.

Oh yeah..my ENT looked at my eardrum..totally normal. Professional Audiometry tests revealed very, very good hearing.
I cant deal with this forever...i am a muscian!

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