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Nasal Polyps

I have chronic sinusitis and come down with a sinus infection now about every couple of weeks. I have had two sinus surgeries in the past. I just found out that I have nasal polyps. Does anyone know what causes them? And am I looking at more surgery?
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hi there, my husband is about to have sinus sugery, he is having a septoplasy and a fess (maxilary)  did you have anything similar to this? i am looking for advice for him as he is very concerned about having this done. (he has inflamation in the sinuses and has constant sinus infections, suffering on a daily basis) i notice you say you have had 2 done and now possibly needing another one, yet you are still suffering infections on a regular basis.   i would be so grateful to hear from you.  kind regards.
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Hi - my son has had chronic sinus problems for 3 years now and has had 3 surgeries as well. From my reading, polyps can impede the flow of normal mucus we all produce. So they can be a cause of infections. I would read all you can and ask your doctor to explain what it means for you. Because my son's problems started after he got mono, he may have some immune problems. But he was also tested for allergies - has lots of them - and his first DR. indicated they have a role in development of polyps. On a positive note, my son has had some success with acupuncture. Although he still has a lot of congestion he has not had another infection since his last surgery in Aug. His doctors also stongly advocate saline nasal rinses. Good luck to you.
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My problem started over a year ago. It felt like my nose was always stuffed,
and I had a bad cough that went along with it. I slowly noticed that I was
out of breath walking up stairs, and it seemed like my nose was restricting
my air flow. I went on a trip to Vegas, and my nose shut off completely. I
returned home, and they did a full check up, and everything seemed normal. I
started feeling like the walls were closing in on me, and went into some
depression, and some bad anxiety. Feelings like I couldn't sit down in my
own house, and I felt like I was uncomfortable indoors. This part of it was
rough. Eventually after being pushy with doctors, they sent me to an ENT
doc. When I went in for my appointment he said my polyps were swollen
closing off my nostrils. It was a good feeling when he explained a surgery
would correct it. I went in for the laser surgery to remove burn back the
swollen polyps. He did the operation and it was worse at first then got
better and felt the best around the 6 month mark after surgery.

The problem was it didn't fell like it used to breathing, it felt 85-90%
normal but something was off for me. I went to the ENT doc, and he said
everything was fine, and air flow is relative to the individual. He said its
all in your mind. I left with that mindset that it was just me, and up until
2 weeks ago when my nose started to flare up, and it felt inflammed I was
ok. It seems my nose is closing off again, and its not as bad as it was, but
it seems to be getting worse. The weird thing is, over the last little while
I've been blowing out mucus, sometimes its little bits that spray my hands,
but sometimes its thick clear mucus thats sticks to my hand, and is thick
blobs in the middle. Sometimes I blow out what looks to be a little blob of
a clearish/off white ball of mucus, that has little air pockets in it, and
is very squishy. Sometimes I blow out little white blobs that are squishy
also. My nose feels inflammed again, and my air flow through my nose is
getting worse. it seems like it goes from left to right on which nostril is
worse for me.

I will be going in for my doctors appointment this afternoon, and I have a
ENT appointment with my doctor on the 29th. I hope they will have some
answers. One last thing as for the dry mouth I did have that when I had bad
anxiety, and depression, but as soon as that left my dry mouth returned to

Also I was really worried it was Cystic Fibrosis. I'm staying positive that
it isn't but its scarey that some symptoms are very similar.

I have been using Nasaquart AQ steroid spray for my nose, and it helps. Have
you been using any of those sprays?
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