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Nasal problem that ENT can't figure out

Three months ago I had what I figure was a sinus infection that my gp doctor did not treat. The sinus infection cleared up on its own but for three months now I have had a problem with my sinus/throat. It constantly feels like there is mucus above my throat (between my nose and throat). I constantly snort to try to clear it. It doesn't help. I try to hike up mucus but there is nothing. When I cry or have used a saline nasal spray I can spit out a clear mucus. This is causing me anxiety attacks. I went to an ENT who did a CT scan and all he found was the turbinates were enlarged but he did nothing for that but give me nasocort (which is not helping.) I am miserable. The mucus is not in my nose. It is between my nose and throat. He is sending me for a barium swallow and allergy tests. He doesn't seem to have any idea what is causing this. Has anyone else had symptoms like this. I am at the end of my rope with this.
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Hey VondaSP , I was reading some post earier and a guy said that his ENT did a" reverse sinus flush " on him . From between the nose and throat area  out thru his nose..
sounds like that might be what you are needing.
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