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Needing advise from a professional or doctor on a broken HYOID bone

I was wondering if anyone here had any advise for me. I see an ENT specialist for what I was told was a broken HYOID-bone. I would like to know what I should push for and important questions I can ask to get all this figured out.

Originally I was told through an Xray that I had this very rare fracture. I was immediately seen by and ENT who wasnt convinced it was broken but after a scope she wasnt going to do more tests because the bone would heal without effecting my airflow, and voice box, the week after she gave me an apt 3 months down the road and I was told I would be fine and back to work within 10 days.

Since I have been in and out of different ERs been seen by my GP, 3 different ER doctors, 2 doctors at a well known clinic.Ive seen 2 chiropractors which only do pressure point treatment. The physical therapist I have seen just told me she isnt qualified enough to help me and has passed me onto an private physical therapy clinic that might be able to help.

Last week I was once again in an ER, everytime I go I get rushed in quickly, in canada normally you wait hours to be seen on a priority and first come first serve basis. I finally got a CT scan and the results came back as no fracture of the hyoid-bone and everything in the area looked fine. I havent discussed this with an ENT specialist but will when I finally see one. I also havent discussed this with the doctor and the radiologist that originally said without a doubt I had a broken HYoid bone. It will take me 3 weeks just to be seen by that doctor.

Here are my sympthoms. A few times but more the first month was an occasional choking feeling and I would have trouble swallowing, I could but it was very difficult. My jaw was completely swollen shut for a week then started to open. my breathing was very loud and often had difficulty getting air and breathing. My voice sounded irritated or coarse and when I spoke too long or did any minor amount of excersice it would get more and more coarse and my breathing would be more pronounced. For 12 weeks I ve had a feeling that someone has their hands around my neck.That feeling never goes away and only get dramatically worse when I walk a city block or talk for 10 min straight. The muscles in my neck go from a strain thats bareable to a muscle pull that makes me want to take my life and get to an ER ASAP.The most pain is always in the center front of my throat.Ive had headaches in the top center of my head. I have lost strength in my right arm which is my dominant arm, its noticably weaker than my left now according to my physical therapist. I have had the back bottom part of my tongue feel llike a muscle pull, my jaw will tighten up for days when I do any amount of activity and still wont open as much as it should.I can bring my chin down but its very restricked turning left and right.I have very limited movement left and right. I am not able to move my chin high even if I could handle the pain which I cant its to restricted to move up. Most of the severe pain is in the middle front of my neck-throat. Everytime I have been to the doctor or an ER I have been told I have high blood pressure but it due to the pain.I have never had high blood pressure before.

Im sure I have other symptoms aswell but those are the ones I havent forgotten about.Im a 32 year old male and was in great shape. Now I cant walk more than a block or 2, cant talk for more than 10 min. No healthcare ppl here have any idea whats going on or why, they all want me to see an ENT specialist to get answers. Unfortunately no one can get me in sooner because Im not in a life or death senario so I have to wait. No improvements in 12 weeks is scary.Some ppl even say from a physical stand point I look worse.

Ow I also have lots of swelling in my neck- throat. I dont know how much but at one point you could see my adams apple and now you cant. Ive taken 4-8 tylonol 3s a day and 2 500mg of neproxen a day. It dropped the pain from a constant 7-8 out of a scale on 0 to 10, to 6-7. I stopped taking it for a number of reasons. Im now on hydromorphone which again doesnt drop the pain that much but relaxes me and makes everything feel better(like being high without the terrible high feeling you get from oxycodone)

If anyone has the time to give some of your opinions that would be greatly appreciated. thanks for all your time

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