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No health insurance and really confused with infection

For the past 2 years ive been having sinus problems. it started one night i was all stuffed up and started blowing out a full kleenex worth of mucus at a time. it was the least to say unattractive and only got worse. i stopped sleeping full nights because i would be woken up by constant sneezing and would spend sometimes four to six hours blowing out handfuls of muscus. eventually that stopped but it was about 7 months of torture and insomnia. ive had a post nasal drip flowing almost constantly for years and cant remember the last time i could breath properly through my nose (..i actually do remember and i miss sleeping with my mouth shut very much :\ lol but eating and brushing my teeth all are very difficult for me because i cant take the proper breathes so my races when i eat or do other things. Now about here i should add i am very religious about excersise, try to do it at least once a day and my airways tend to open for me when im doing intense workouts. but right now im in more pain than i can describe. my throat is swollen and tight and im feeling very sharp pains from the right side, my right eye is infected with mucus drying up in the corner of my eye when i drop clear eyes in... neck pain and shoulder pain and the a ringing in my ear that is making me crazy and unable to understand half of the things happening around me it feels like it wants to pop maybe but wont reach that limit and the other ear is being to hurt. i would love nothign more than at least to be pointed in the right direction.. what kind of specialest do i need? is there any remedies i may try at home? is this possible being caused by a tumor? please someone tell me im not dying because the ringing in my ear and this infection in my eye making me blind at times are truly convincing me otherwise. thank you for listening to my rant, appreciate any help i can get (other medical conditions; torn ligament with blood clot in left leg)
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also extremely painful headaches that pretty much make me go **** eyed.
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cross eyed***
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For the chronic mucus problem, you may get significant relief from stopping dairy.  

Currently it sounds like you have a bacterial infection of the sinuses, throat and/or eye.  You will probably need oral antibiotics and eye drops.  You can see a primary care doctor or go to an Urgent Care if you don't have a primary care doc.  Urgent care will cost more than a regular doc, but less than the ER.  ER will be a long, long wait.  
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