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Odor coming from my nose

I have a question. I've been having nasal odor for quite a while now... bad breath developed before it due to gingivitis...but the bad breath went away after gingivitis deep cleaning....anyway, I am still unsure as to what may be causing my nasal odor to remain....I had thought the nasal odor would go away when I took away the bad breath but it has not...I still have bleeding from my gums and still 2 cavities that I have yet to fill... I am pretty sure I do not have PND although mucus does run down my throat and sometimes it will drench my uvula and fall on my tongue ( but doesn't the nose produce mucus everyday which washes down the throat anyway?)--I also don't clear my throat all the time or feel like a lump is in my throat so I do not think I have PND...I am pretty sure I also do not have tonsil stones...What can be causing my nasal odor? Can it be the cavities ( I will get them filled next month)...can it be due to the fact that my gums still bleed * which means I still have gingivitis)? I have also used nasonex nasal spray in case it was allergie or stagnant mucus for about 5 weeks ( doctor said my problem should have been gone in 4 weeks)...but no luck...I do not think it is a sinus problem because I do not have the facial pains or fevers or green/brown/yellow mucus that accompanies sinusitis...Please give me suggestions...I do not wish for this to take over my life!
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It's not unusual for dental problems to leak infection into the maxillary sinuses.  Nasal odors seem to be caused by bacteria that don't always produce enough infection to cause PND.  If the infection is restricted to your maxillary, then a $13 Neilmed Sinus Rinse should get rid of it.  If it does, keep on rinsing for several days after the odor disappears, or it grows back.
If the infection has gone higher up in your sinuses, the only thing that seems to get rid of it is a Flip-Turn Sinus Flush.


It's kinda risky because you have to bend over, preferably in a shower, but you can also do it outside in a bathing suit.

My dentist applied an antibiotic to my gums when I had gingivitis, rather expensive, but worth it.  If you don't kill it, the bacteria can cause problems with your circulatory system (as well as your sinuses)  He also drags me for teeth cleaning every six months, instead of yearly.  You pay more for the extra office visit, but you rarely have to cough up the money for expensive treatments.
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thanks for replying...a question though...can I have sinus infections without knowing it...? I do not have facial pain like in sinusitis...the only poblem I have is a nasal odor that can go far and fill up a whole room...I would also like to add another thing...When I perform a nasal rinse with the neil med ( not your flip-turn method), the odor tends to decrease...I have wondered why this happens...maybe I do have an infection...I will try your method and see the results...but, should I go to an ENT and get a CT scan of
my sinuses first?
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Oh, I'm totally pro-doctor, so I'll recommend going to an ENT, because there might be some other issues in your situation.

There's been a number of posts on this forum about nasal odors.  Some people have had to quit their job and hole up in their rooms.  I guessed that it was a mold causing it, because I had the exact same smell when I pulled out a tent that had been tightly wrapped up for years, but a medical professional corrected me, informing me that it's an anaerobic bacteria, which makes much more sense.   The infection may not get heavy enough for you to notice, because there's too much air in your sinuses for anaerobic bacteria to do much more than stink.  The Flip-Turn Sinus Flush has worked for the people who have given me feedback, and for me personally.  Stick with the Neilmed for now, use the Flip-Turn as a last resort.
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Type your medical question here...Can I get this Neilmed over the counter?  I've had this Odor for a long time...(Nose)   my granddaughter has said to me ---Granmma what stinks did you Fart?  Several times...people have backed away from me...even told me wow whats that smell?  Embarresing ...you bet.  I can smell it occationally...not always .. so I need help!  Over the counter Neilmed?
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