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Ongoing 'sore throat' (6 weeks)

Would love to from anyone with an opinion on the following:

Just over six weeks ago I came down with what I thought was probably a viral throat infection. I was particularly tired and found I needed to lie down a lot because I just wasn't comfortable upright as it made me mildly dizzy and nauseous. I had a mild fever and I was a little photophobic.

After 7-10 days I started to feel better and believed I was on the mend but before a week of starting to feel better had gone by my symptoms got worse again. This time the throat was more painful, there was a significant postnasal drip and my head just felt fuzzy all the time.

This just seemed to go on, however I was convinced any day I'd start feeling better. Towards the end of the fourth week since initial onset I took a good look at my throat and found that the left tonsil was moderately swollen and that the peritonsillar mucosa on both sides had turned completely white. I also noticed bilateral swollen cervical lymph nodes.

I visited a GP at this point, who didn't seem concerned. He nevertheless did a FBC that came back normal and an EBV test that came negative.

Over the next two weeks (5&6) my throat stopped hurting, but the appearance hasn't improved, and the lymph nodes remain swollen. I also now get many hot flushes throughout the day (only relieved by laying down on my back) despite not having a high temperature.

Within the last two days my throat has become sore again, the postnasal drip has returned with avengence and the fever has come back.

I'm a 32yo male, previously fit and healthy. I do have a history of reactive arthritis (one bad episode in my life but nothing significant since).

It's just perplexing being ill for six weeks and counting with what started like any other sore throat when I've only ever had symptoms for 7-10 days max before.
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