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PLEASE HELP!!! what's wrong with me? I keep choking on my saliva

hi, i was wondering whether you could offer me any advice.
basically i have a health problem and i don't know what it is or what the cure is. i was wondering whether you could possibly tell me /might know whet it is.
basically i have this problem where a few weeks back i woke up one day to find that i couldn't breathe  as my throat seemed to be blocked/closed over with mucus/saliva. i was choking and could hardly swallow the mucus in my throat down.
the only way i could clear/unblock my throat was to drink water to swallow it down. i found it impossible to cough up. the mucus also entered my nose.
i went to the doctor several times and i even went to A&E because i was so scared.
in the end the last doctor i saw gave me some tablets called 'mucodyne capsules' to take.
basically i have to take 3 a day. bascally i can breathe when i'm on these tablets, but as soon as i stop taking them/if i happen to forget to take them for a day or two then my throat starts to close over and fill up with a thick mucus again.
basically what is going on?
i know my doctor has prescribed me the mucodyn capsules and is keeping me on them but he failed to tell me exactly what it is that is wrong with me?
what is likely wrong with me?
what illness do I have???
can you possbly tell me?
i feel like i have something wrong with my throat.
what's wrong with me?
i am still taking the 'mucodyn' tablets and am seeing my doctor.
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im also experiencing this problem. i keep on *burping* or swallowing it. and its really annoying, its like i have no choice because the saliva was stuck in my throat. some times in my chest in the center.

the doctor told me that the  cause of this problem is either the mucus go down to the throat or the acid juices  in our stomach goes up.  

the doctor advised me to stop drinking softdrinks and fatty oily foods. like meat or anything that was fried.in order to cure the acid juices that goes up.

i hope this one helps . ^_^

i hope this one help. ^_^

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I've experiencing the same situation as you.like choking, and shortness of breath. i go to the doctor the prescribe me a proton pump inhibitor but Doesn't make sense and another doctor prescribe me a Omepron (omeprazole)  so that the acid on y body will calm. . he failed also to tell me exactly what is going on. i agree that you will stop drinking softdrink, fatty foods, oily, and spicy like what i did, i have read on this in the other website that this symptoms (choking, shrotness of breathing, acid reflux, urge to cough, heartburn and palpitations) this may be called "Gastroesophageal feflux diseas" Please let me know when you come up with a cure (vice versa).
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I had excessive mucus in my throat for years. My hobby is singing, so you can imagine how this affected me. My cure, or 80 pct reduction is I stopped eating cheese. Dairy products seem to be the culprit. Doctor's will diagnose the problem with a cure that will help most, but not all, or subscribe meds. Try it for about two weeks by not eating eggs, and especially cheese. Think you will be pleasantly surprised. Good luck and God Bless you.
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I am feeling the same way im  thinking it is because we might be eating to much greezy food  like yankee6262 said sometimes without even knowing .just try not to  eat alote of greesy food it kud help.some advise doctors dont aways have the answer to everything sometimes we just need  to figure it out by ourselfs because all they are doing is giving medic..to us and not all the time medic..is the solution..my advise to u is try to stay com when u feel like choking on ur saliva or just choking it does help it might be hard at the same time because some of us might go into a panik mold just relaxe and stay com and say it will be alright.try to exercis it doese help..not when choking ....just saying
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i choked on my spit and now i feeell like its stuck in my chest :S and im scared im going to get pneumonia :(.. Hellpp what to i do . mum said ill be fine but im reali scared coz i keep coughing and i feel like its in my lungs  is this bad. And does anyone ever feell the same. ??? Tell me pleasee
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I would suggest getting your gag reflex checked. Ocassionally my throat feels like it is closing and I can't stop coughing. The Dr. gave me a pill that opens or relaxes my esophogus. It looks like a little version of vitamin E and I was told that if it popped in my mouth it would cause my throat to be temporaly paralyzed. It works..not sure what it is called, but it works! The only way I could explain it is that it feels like an asthma attack in my throat. I would also track what you eat to see if you have a food allergy. Just a few suggestions.
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Okay...I had something similar in 2006.  I never woke up gagging.  But I had an issue for 2 months where I would cough after eating fried, fatty foods.   I also had constant, sticky phlem that was difficult to clear from my throat.  

Went to an ENT who though it was probably GERD (reflux.)   But he did a barium swallow test to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with my swallowing mechanism.  There wasn't.

So GERD it was.  I was put on Prilosec OTC and the problem cleared up in about 5 days.

If you notice it when you sleep, I imagine there is a good chance it could be due to acid reflux.  (GERD.)    Try taking some Prilosec OTC for a week and see if it gets better.
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i was sitting on my chair and suddenly i choked on my saliva or swallowed it too fast but don't know exactly what happen and i couldn't breath, then i start walkin around while i tried to get some air. i was scared i thought i am gonna die bcuz i couldn't get any air, then like seconds or minute i started breathing again n cough it out. but my chest is hurting after the incident. it happens many times, i am scared that one of those attacks i will not breath no more. if anybody have had this happen to you????? what wrong???
I'm facing same problem during  sleep when I cough and choked on my saliva I was feeling I'm dying i can't sleep I'm scared it happened two time to me,, please help me out if you know any solution please..
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This has been happening to me more and more... I live alone and it is very scary.  I am a very fast eater and my breathing pulls in the spit and I choke.  I am afraid to eat anything now...  I live alone and it is very scary when you can't catch your breath.  It happened at my job the other day and everyone got so scared.  They think you are choking on food, but I was choking on my saliva.... Eventually you can breathe, but it seems like forever.
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For the past 12 years, I've had the same thing happen to me, periodically.
Months can go by before I'll have another incident.  I keep thinking it will never happen again, but it does...last time was three weeks ago.  I finally got myself to the doctor.  I don't want it to happen again, not even one more time.  I feel like one of these days, my airway won't open up and I'll die.  So looks like they are going to do an xray first, then put a camera down my throat after that.  Hopefully something can be done.  It is a horrible feeling when you just can't breathe.  Like you, not choking on anything but my saliva.
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It is impossible to die from choking on saliva. It is VERY rare. what you are going through is nothing more than just a little problem everybody has, sometimes me. When you swallow, a mussle pushes whatever down to your stomach. Saliva, you swallow it when you are fast asleep and you don't even realize it. First of all, calm down, second of all, You are going to be a ok! I know it!!! third of all, you cannot die while you swallow your saliva when you are asleep, you don't choke either. Do you feel like something is stuck in your throat? It's acid. It's "Cobblestones" the doctors call it. If you are afraid of eating, two things, One, see a sycolatrist, two, get these shakes called boost, if you are an adult or teen, if you are a child, get pediasure or pediasure sidekicks. They are EVERYWHERE!!! You are okay! :-)
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I work in the sex industry as a fluffer and I have the same problem.  I am told you can overcome the natural gag reflex, practice makes perfect.
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First of all the way you come across is as if, you think you know everything and you do not seem sympathetic to say the least. Btw, Boost is one of the worse drinks out there.Have you ever read the ingredients? Ensure is a better and healthier alternative. I know this because, I have dysphagia and yes I DO choke on my saliva. I have been diagnosed with this after having brain surgery. The worse thing that could happen (so I've been told) is that one could end up with aspiration phenomena.  Perhaps, you didn't intend to come across in this manner however, when writing sometimes our thoughts come across differently.
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im scared too it feels like after i eat it escolates i go into an anexitie attacks like i cant breath i start to throw up and goes on and on almost breathing my own puke im scared. mabey if i take antianxiety medaction. i had bad hangover that lasted for 4 days i didnt want to move because of the saliva back of my throat it was hard of enought now i think i scared my self sober lol but i cant live my normal life again i and no one wants to live with what if i breath in my puke and no one is around to help me
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When this happens to me, I cant breath at all, all i do is hoop in air, sounds awful and scarey, it happened at my son's and he was going to call the ambulance.
I get this with juices from chewing gums or sweets or saliva.
I too think this is how I am going to die one day.
It really scares me and no one seem to be able to help.
It happens when i am on my own too, you cant call 999 because you cant speak, getting help is no good because there is nothing they can do as it is not a piece of food trapped.
I just hope one day someone will know how to help us as it is so scarey.
Good luck !!
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Hi hydrocephalusssurvivor888,

I noticed your comment to 'girlsrule10', and I just want to offer some of my input from where I think that person is coming from...

I believe that 'girlsrule10' is actually being very compassionate and  sympathetic.... in their own way. I can definitely see where you may think they are being crude and misunderstanding, but please try and think that they are sharing immediate consolation in the form of the "you're going to be ok!!''s and trying to make this issue into something less than it may seem (whether that fact is actually true or not).

Anyway, I wish you the best with your health and recovery from your dysphagia... How awful! No one deserves to be put through anything of the such. One of my best friends is actually going through something with her esophagus and is having a hard time swallowing food... it's been very stressful and painful for her, and for me, to watch her go thru that.
Blessings to you.
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i have iron deficiency and mucus in the throat is a symptom but i do not know how to prevent it
i am taking iron pills and trying to improve my diet but i have no appetite
i fainted a couple of days ago i always feel so dizzy and tired and i am naturally an athletic person, i am terrified. i do urine and blood tests and physicals and everything is fine so why do i feel like this? i constipate or get dihearra. this is ruining my life. i cannot go to school or work anymore. i have anxiety attacks at night now as well. if anyone else can plz help me or give advice, id appreciate it.
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hi every1,my name is tshepo,im also very sick with this illness i choking everytime or can say now and then when i try to swallow my saliva.im choking sometyms i feel like i will fell down and just die.at first i thought it was tonsils but the nurses at the clinic says its not when i ask what is it i dont get answears,they only givin me antibiotics and they dont help me with nothing.sometyms i fell like i sould just kill my self and rest from this illness cause i dont get any solution.

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Wow, I am amazed to find that other people have the same problem I have. I, too, woke from a nap about 12 or 15 years ago with my throat full of --sorry, but vomit. I jumped up in a panic and tried to get it to come out but couldn't because I couldn't breathe in to cough it out. I tried throwing myself against the sink to dislodge it, and by the grace of God, it somehow sank down just enough for me to cough. That's when I realized I had acid reflux. I tried a natural remedy that worked for years, but then it became less effective and finally ineffective. One of my doctors game me the swallow test, and they said that was fine. I think it's some kind of condition they haven't recognized yet. Just before my father passed away, I spent some time with him and I saw him coughing up clear, thick, foamy saliva and kind of choking on it, and I recognized that he had what I have. Please know that you are not alone. I too worry that a little bit of my food, or drink is going down my lungs. That's how it feels sometimes. Eating late makes the reflux worse. I'm about to have my stomach acid tested. They say it actually may be too low.
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i have this problem with saliva too, when i was little i used to suffer of asthma , and when ever i coughed,i would choke on my saliva and mucus, but now asthma is gone and i keep choking on my saliva( not mucus)…. it is very scary, the only way i can get my airway cleared is by drinking water… Now i can't live without having a bottle of water in my hands, i feel like if i don't have it, my airway will get stuck, and I'm gonna die…. this is terrible, please someone help….. ohhhh something i`ve learned to do when it happens, is to keep calm and not to panic, because if u panic u start to run and jump, the more u do that, the more ur body asks for air, so stay calm and look for a source of water…  
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My father and I, both, have choked on saliva. We can't breathe! Hadn't eaten anything or drank anything at the time it happened/happens.
Now that I am older, it happens when I drink WATER.
I know that I have CREST, which is an autoimmune deficiency, and a form of Scleroderma, which can affect swallowing, but Dr. has not done anything about it yet.
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My older sister has it, too. She once went almost a year without eating because she was afraid to swallow and choke. She drank Boost.  Mine has never been the physical act of eating, however, just swallowing saliva and water, like my father.  BTW, he lived to be 82 and only died of Multiple Myeloma, probably from lead poisoning from working with lead ink at a printing press and newspaper.
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hello we are all on this forum because we are looking for the same answer, What is it and how to stop it. I had a hiatal hernia surgery about 31 years ago I don't remember why the doctor decided to do this surgery because I did not need it..I was 30 years old very healthy and a young mother. This sounds as like I am ignorant because at the time I had great insurance and trusted my doctor; this was my first major stomach surgery.  Shortly after the surgery I found that I could not vomit only chuck ( painful chucking at that)..about 6 years later one night now as a young single mom I woke up choking with my siliva..I panicked and I could not breath..my little ones were asleep and I was fighting for air just hooping enough air into my lungs to run the the neighbors banging on the door for help; no one was home just as I thought that I could maybe begin to get over this but not ( still gasping for air") it started again I was trying to keep my wits about me and all was happening so fast I was so scared I could only think to try and get help or breath..It was early wee morning hours and all I could think to do was run all the way from my house down the middle of the street not knowing what or where i was going,doing. I don't remember how it came about I was able to get in a tiny bit of air and I was able to get in another bit of air and I was walking with tears streaming down my face from the choking finally I was home with my sleeping children..after that it began and it has not stopped since..I have asked the doctors and they listen but don't ever tell me anything not a clue..I have cried tears when I attempt to explain how it happens and how terrified I am. they have prescribed acid reflux ( nothing) have diagnosed with asthma..I am now 60 years old and it has continued though out the years my children are very supportive and they just have to see me and they know it is going to happen and run to my side to get me I don't know what sometimes it has lasted to the point the ambulance is called and I am thought to have choked on something or have had an asthma attack. I have gone months and I try to stay positive that it will not happen again but then......sometimes it happens while I am sleeping and my friend roommate runs to me to help me to calm down or call the ambulance I also fear of dying this way..I am a woman with faith and it is all that keeps me going...I have had this happen while alone and when I know it will happen ( which happens so quick no time to stop it sometimes). When I get over one of these attacks I cry and very sad cry and feel so lost and alone and very scared..I become very quite I am always praying and asking God to stay with me..I invoke my guardian angel each waking moment and ask to be protected..I am very sad now and this is a very humbling experience..I watch what I eat how I eat because it happens with food..I have given up rice,corn anything that may go down the wrong tube ..even sweets or even water can cause this..I am very scared seriously this is very serious..I live on my faith, I don't wish to die or die this way..I try not to think about this..I have been battling with bronchitis for the past 7 weeks and it is soooo...scary because my bouts of coughing could bring this choking about..I am afraid of drinking my cough medicine its almost as if my brain will not allow me to drink or swallow anything for fear of choking..I am writing all this because I wish to share and explain perhaps what most here have not to this extent..it is scary, I am thinking of getting back on anti depressants this week because I have become very quite and afraid all the time now..I feel very bad going back now I wish that I would have said no to a surgery that I did not need..for what I read now I did not have acid reflux or any thing that would have made me need this surgery..I am a poor person financially and can not visit a doctor when I need to and I just wish and continue to pray to be miraculously healed ( I believe in miracles) and I hope and pray for an answer..my quality of life has been robbed by this..I pray for all especially with this very serious condition and stay close to God, don't allow yourself to become so afraid it will affect your life..if you are alone you may want to find a room mate of move in with your children..My children are so wonderful they all have invited me to come live with them..I consider myself still young and do not wish to burden my children ..now my bronchitis is still with me and I taste blood each time I cough..I am going to tell my doctor about this again..it may not be serious but should be taken care of. I have forgiven my old doctor I fully believe this is what started my condition..I now have much scar tissue in my stomach from the surgery and time..I am told you can't really get rid of scar tissue, it will come back perhaps worst..Oh' and I just remembered I know one other person who has had this for the same reason as myself..she has her esophagus enlarged but continue to get more scar tissue and she now is much older than myself..Well God Bless us all especially those of us with this condition and others..
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Thank you so much for sharing.  You have been very helpful and I ask God to bless each of you and help you with your problem as He helps my husband with his.  I'm going to try a combination of Prilosec and Mucinex.  Will post results in a week or so.
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