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Pain on right side of throat

For about a week I have had a pain on the right side of my adams apple. My throat is not sore when I swallow. I have had strepp throat before and know what its like not being able to even swallow water. This has nothing to do with a sore throat. Its like a sore muscle? When I push in the right side of my throat/adams apple it hurts alot. I have also had a slight headache for about 5 days. My teeth don't hurt. Is this an infection or throat cancer?
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hi,relax,it is throat infection may be associated with ulcerations.A course of antibiotic along with antiseptic gargles and pain killers will help.May be some local anesthetic spray would be helpful.

Please consult ENT sugeon to rule out other possibities.

Relax and take care!
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But I thought a throat infection would show it's self with a fever! Is a fever always a sign where infection is growing, or are there times a fever doesn't accompany an infection.

I have a lingering irritation in my throat, and clear white mucus that likes to grow up the back of my throat.  I can't cough or wheeze the mucus out anymore.  Now it's gotten so bad that I can't get even ONE good swallow!!! No fever.  No redness in the back of my throat.  I've had this lump since before Christmas.  -ruled out allergies because allergy pills didn't help and am also wondering if it's left from old bronchitis in November.
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