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Pain while Swallowing

Hi yes, here i am, another hypochondriac really worried about having throat cancer and why not? thanks to Dr. google, you write swallowing pain and you get throat cancer, then you try to find other symptoms in yourself and off course you get them (thanks to your brain).

i want some counseling and mental relief from a professional ENT about the following.

Three weeks back i joined the gym and started on a 5 meal balanced diet. (including chicken, fish, potatoe, greens, veggies, brown rice etc) two days later i started feeling a lot of gas in my stomach simultaneously i got a cold/flu symptoms with cough. the cough went away but i started to get the feeling as if something is stuck behind my breast bone. i searched and found out about acid reflux, now we all have acidity on and off but this "something stuck in my chest feeling " was nothing that i ever experienced before. in parallel to this i started to have typical symptoms of LPR which involved  pain in the throat in the morning, sometimes on the right side sometimes on the left while swallowing saliva only (not food or water). also the pain would occur only when my head will be in a specific position and swallow. i had the feeling as if there is continuous saliva in my throat that i would have to clear all the time as time passed in addition to this i started to get a metallic taste in my mouth when i wake up. no hoarseness in voice, im a singer so a practice vocals and i dont find anything different or strange with my voice neither do i find it difficult to practice but only when i need to clear the excess saliva.

i went to my GP he put me on motilium and zantac. i started with the meds and changed my diet to suit the reflux. i never had any stomach pain during all this only the feeling of burps stuck in my chest which i would continuously try to take out. the swallowing pain was not going away, it was not something i cant bare but very uncomfortable and making me think about the worse things so i went to an ENT doc. he took my history and i told him about taking meds for Reflux, he touched me on my neck exactly on the place where i would feel pain and i told him yes thats the area where i feel pain, i also told him that when i put my finger in my throat , right where the tongue ends on both sides i can feel some small bumps and particularly on the right side there is pimple sized bump (amongst the other bumps) that feels painful when i touch it. he took a metal rod with a camera in front and put it in my throat and checked then held my tongue with a cloth and again checked.

i could see my throat on the screen which looked great actually.
he told me that the bumps at the end of the tongue are natural, they are like taste buds and due to an acid reflux they get inflamed, he said unless the reflux is cured the pain will either remain or will come and go.

so he gave me omeprazol, motilum and gaviscol syrup. he told me the reflux treatment takes time and told me the immediate relief in symptoms will start being noticeable in a weeks time but i have to continue the meds for a longer period. he said he will not give me any meds for my throat as there is no need. i asked him is there anything serious he said  " no nothing serious". i have been taking meds for three days and i must say that the reflux symptoms have really improved, the "something stuck in the chest feeling" is almost gone, i still have it sometimes but nothing severe. but i still have pain in the throat while i swallow saliva, no problem with food or water. i have to admit that i have sort of developed an OCD for swallowing because of this episode to check if im having pain or not.
i don't have dysphagia but sometimes i have difficulty swallowing when my mouth is dry because of excessive swallowing.

My questions.
1) should i trust my ENT and go on with the meds and wait for the pain to go ?
2) can ENT overlook cancer symptoms in the throat ? should i be suspicious ?
3) i have quit smoking, but i was a moderate smoker ( 8 to 10 cigs ) since 15 years. i have left since 3 weeks and now i vape on e-cigs just after having food, low nicotine level. ill quite these soon too. i have never taken alcohol.
i dont feel tired, don't have a loss of appetite or any other problem, but just this mild pain is bothering me, also a thing to note is that the pain is on the right side, the pain is not persistent during the day it get better sometimes and get bad when i'm anxious and my mind tells me "YES YOU HAVE THROAT CANCER". also when i tilt  my head towards the left and swallow i dont feel any pain its only when i look towards the right swallow.

Please help me. and please dont scare me as im already very scared.
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