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Painless red throat with swollen uvula and tonsils

Back in May I had an extremely sore throat with white spots on my tonsils thought it would go away on its own ended up with my uvula swelling so bad I thought I was going to choke on it. I went to the hospital immediately they told me I had uvulitis gave me prednisone and told me to take benadryl. I did the whole 5 days of prednisone the sore throat went away and the uvula went down a bit. Then around the middle of June I noticed it felt like something was stuck in my throat I looked and my tonsils seemed to be really swollen but no pain. At that time I had no health insurance so I couldn't get to the doctor. I gargled with salt water and the swelling went down some. In July I finally went to the doctor but he told me maybe it's sleep apnea but I've never had that before and I don't think this is it. I'm just looking for any answer. My throat does Not hurt at all except near where I guess my thyroid could be but that comes and goes. It constantly feels like I'm trying to swallow something that I just can't get down. I'm not having any problems breathing or swallowing. My voice doesn't sound any different that I've noticed. My throat is just really red and the feeling of something in my throat is very uncomfortable.
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