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Pea sized lump on back of neck

Three weeks ago i discovered a pea sized lump on the back of my head on the right side. At first the lump was not painful but now that three weeks have passed the side of my head seems to have a constant burning/pain sensation. The lump seems to have not changed in size nor has it moved. every now and then my back and neck will hurt, but the burning is constant and annoying. I have visited 2 doctors, the first felt of the area and said it felt like a torn tendon and told me not to worry about it. Two weeks later i decided to visit another doctor he said that he wasn't sure what it was but didn't look like anything bad (This guy was a joke). As of date i have had no test ran on me and i am in perfect health no other symptoms exist. 1 year ago i began having pain in my arms and back, I visited two different neurologist and had two MRIs of the lower and mid back. Both said everything looked good and to just see if it went away over time. I no longer have the arm or back pains but I'm  not sure if this is related to my current problem. My question is, Has anyone else out there ever experienced this or know what may be going on. What general direction do i need to start heading to solve this problem, my main concern right now is if this problem is severe AKA cancerous/tumor i don't want to waist time. Thanks for your help!
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When I was younger I had gone to the doctor for lumps on my neck that hurt a little if you pushed on them (still have them).

We didn't find out till a while after he was checking me for Lymphoma, which apparently I do not have.

I did not have constant pain in them, but since you do I encourage you to be persistant.

Do not worry to much, it could be nothing (just like mine ended up being) or a torn tendon.
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I have been told that cancer or cancerous tumors do not cause pain. If this growth gets big enough to press on any nerves then that would cause symptoms like burning pain,numbness,pins & needles. Some one should have you go for a MRI or some other test. Search the sites for your symptoms and bring info to a different doctor. One who cares. Warning, some doctors are bothered by doctoring yourself though the web. Use info if he is about to brush you off. Good luck. Anxiety can also screw up your breathing and cause pins & needles. Watch your breathing, just in case.
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This could be as simple as a muscle knot - which I get all the time due to tension in the neck. Pea size and bigger, along the spinal column at back of neck as well as along the sides of the neck.  They hurt, and burn, etc...I have gone to a physio therapist, who has worked them out.  They do come back, and will do so if you have neck tension..(stress, computer work, not standing straight, etc...) I still get them, usually from sitting in the driver seat of my car for too long.  I have learned how to work them out, but I still have one on top of my spine, back of my neck, that no matter what I do, cannot work it out..
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I have a lump on the back of my throat(on the inside). I too am worried about it being cancerous, i have seen two doctor's about it and both had nothing helpful to offer. They both told me it was nothing. I think that you like me should just try to find another Doctor, they might have better answers.
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2 days ago I checked my back of my neck and found a lump node, and before 1 month I had some pain on the same side of my neck, maybe the pain was due from stress. But now before the lump showing I had similar pain on my neck, but then the lump showed, I had no symptoms of fever or anything. But I'm feeling that my ears r blocked from time to time, I used to have ear irritation before. And my head feels kinda dizzy, and I just saw another lump on the back of my neck but on the left side. So there are 2 lumps right now one is located behind my head on the neck below the hairline the first is on the right and the second is on the left. I went to the doctor she said its nothing to worry about, its probably an infection. My head used to have severe pain but now it stopped but it has pressure pain, its hard to explain. But after the first lump showed the next day I felt my throat soar and I was sneezing a lot and kinda heavy breathing but not sever. What should I do?
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1954Beau regarding the muscle knot, how do u know its an muscle knot not an enlarged lymph node? My doctor told me mine is a lymph not but I wouldn't trust that doctor, cause she is the health center school doctor most of the time they are not that good.

So anyone please tell me I've been having pressure pain near my ears and feeling my ears blocked. Soar throat feeling coming and going. Feeling my head hot. please e-mail me on houssam_khan***@**** for information
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Went and saw a different doctor about the lump on the back of my head about a week back. Just wanted to update everyone on what he said and maybe able to relieve some stress if you have the same problem.

Felt the area and listened to my complaint... Ran a blood test and everything looked normal. I have had 4 sinus infections/colds this winter so he contributed it to a swollen lymph node. He said these can last up to 3 to 4 months and can be  very painful.

So i guess i will wait and see what happens, since my blood work appears to be fine i will wait to investigate this further. One strange thing i did notice is when i feel a cold coming on the area hurts twice as bad as usual so it maybe a lymph node.  
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I have a knot on the right side of my neck (in the back) also the dizzy feelings from time to time. I have a cold/sinus infection right now, too. Years ago when that knot first showed up, a doctor told me it was from the sinus infection. Another problem I have is the hollow sound in my right ear. I am attributing this to sinus problems, but I am going to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure. We are going on vacation soon, and I want to make sure I dont have to take antibiotics while I am there. I would be curious to know what  the doctor told you since we have so many of the same symptoms...
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I had a pea sized bump on the back of my neck a few years ago.  It just popped up out of nowhere and after a little while it hurt to move my neck from side to side.  It turned out to be a swollen lymph node, but my doctor did a simple (local anesthesia) surgery and removed it.
No problems since.
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There are LOTS of lymphnodes in the neck. Ones on the side or just above the clavicle need to be biopsied. Lumps in the back can be from scalp infections or follicle infections. I believe that even a bad case of seborrhea can cause it (dandruff). See a dermatologist if its in the back and an ENT if on the sides or in front. HTH
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i have a rather large lump above the right ear. I does not appear to be bruised or discolored but hurts to gentle touch. For the last four days ive been fighting severe headaches and the pounding from the headaches are in this lump. Im about to see a doc but does anyone know what might be happening.
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I have a pea sized lump behind my right ear for a few months.  It's starting to grow bigger.  It hurts when I touch it.  But mostly hurts after I shower, I feel like my head and ears are plugged with water.  I get sore thoats off and on and sometimes runny nose like having a cold but it comes and goes.  At night when I lie on my side I feel like theres fluid draining from my ear.  Sometimes I feel my ear is plugged.  Sometimes my left ear feels sore, and plugged but I have no lump on that ear.
Did you ever figure your problem?  Let me know
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