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Peforated/Ruptured Eardrum

Hello, my girlfriend recently has intense ear pain and discomfort... knowing my experiences with earaches I figured it was just that and using an old home remedy I told her to put Peroxide in their cause it has worked for me over the years... she did that and it didn't have any negative effects and seemed to calm the pain a little, but it started back up shortly and then she had to go to the doctor.  The doctor said it was a ruptured eardrum and gave her anti-inflammatory medicine and things for the pain and all of that has went away.   There was slight hearing loss at the beginning, and 2 days after taking the anti-inflammatory medicine her ear is clogged up like a stuffy nose and it has been like that the last 3 days and she is worried about it.  There is drainage that comes out sometimes (which is a symptom of a ruptured eardrum) and the hearing loss, I believe, has became slightly worse because of the "clogged up ear" .. She was just wondering as to if this is normal for a ruptured ear drum and it will clear up or should she seek further medical attention... thank you in advanced!
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