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Permanent Cochlear Hearing Loss from Eye Dropper Suction?!

So last night I suffered a terrible, and quite frankly, stupid accident worthy of a Darwin Award.

Last night I was administering fungal ear drops via an eyedropper that was placed OUTSIDE of my ear.  Well as chance has it I ended up dropping the syringe right into my ear canal next to my eardrum.  I was fine, of course, but then I made the terrible mistake of squeezing the bulb of the eyedropper, resulting in an intense, very loud suction right on top of my eardrum followed by the release of pressure.  The result was immediate hearing loss particularly in the high frequencies (although all frequencies were affected), mild vertigo and nausea, a cricket-like tinnitus noise (that sometimes became very loud), and mild ear pain.

In the morning my nurse practitioner confirmed that I had a burst eardrum.  No biggie, as these heal over time so I wasn't initially too concerned, especially since all of my symptoms fit.

However, the loss of hearing, particularly in the high frequencies, is terrifying me.  What I am primarily concerned with is that the suction was powerful enough to pull the ossicles in my middle ear, and this may have lead to affecting my cochlea if the stapes was significantly disturbed.  Particularly, I am wondering if I somehow affected the flow of endolymph, resulting in a rupture in my inner ear near the round window or just sending a 'shockwave' powerful enough to completely flatten the hair cells in my ear.  Or whether just the really loud noise was enough to do some kind of inner ear damage on its own.

My experience I feel could be reminiscent of people who have gone deaf from being kissed over the ear (the suction, in that case, did a lot of inner ear damage).  I don't know if suction from an eyedropper could apply the same amount of force as such, but I am scared to death.

Any insights into whether this could be happening, and what I should be doing in the meantime?  I get seen by a professional tomorrow, but I am worried they will overlook what is going on.   Anything I can do if it is indeed inner ear damage?  FYI I am already on prednisone to treat an unrelated episode of hearing loss earlier this week, so I don't know if that would help.

I've already lost 15% of my hearing as is this year, have trouble making out conversation in some situations, and I am only 21.  I certainty would like not to be deaf in one of my ears so I appreciate any help anyone can give me!
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