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Perpetual blocked nose in winter

For 2 years now, every time I catch a small cold (and I have 3 young children who often bring colds from school) twp things happen (that are new):
1) my nose is totally blocked as soon as the cold starts
2) my nose stays blocked for weeks after the cold has gone.
My family doctor examined my nose, did a xray and sees no infection. He sent me to an ENT specialist who did the same things - and same conclusion.. nothing abnormal, 'perhaps' an allergy.
With serious attacks I take a bit of Triofan but its just temporary relief.. albeit nice to breathe again. I was prescribed Avamys and that seems to help a bit but after the fact.. takes 10 days to take effect so I'm not sure if it really does something.
What makes me grudgingly accept that it may be an allergy are the sneezing bouts I have - 3 or 4 daily. I have been looking to see what could cause this. The two common factors are it only hapens in october to march time frame (cold season) and is started by a cold. But wheras my colds usually last a few days, the blocked nose lasts a few weeks.

Any ideas what to look for to be able to find the cause ? I get the impression my doctors dont really worry about this as its 'minor'.

Thanks for any help.
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Why I don't have an explanation for your cause, you might try something like Simply Saline nasal spray- something a doctor gave me a free sample of once.  It says it helps with preventing colds and I found it to be quite effective when I used it for the nasal congestion prevention when I got sick.  
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Thanks for the suggestion.. I also like simple solutions (no pun intended!) and as u suggest, saline helps alleviate my symptoms - just a bit less effective than Triofan.
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