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Persistant Sore Throat (Over a month)

I recently landed in England, for a five month visit. A week before I left I had a cold. I got better,flew in then two days after I land I get a sore throat/ front right neck pain for over a month. I've seen a doctor who assured me it was viral, but prescribed antibiotics anyway. (In case of a secondary infection) I took the full course with no effect. It cycles from day to day. Sore throat or pain in neck right under the right jaw. Or both on bad days. (Stabbing feeling) Went back to the doctor. Was told there was no swelling just some slight redness, and there was nothing wrong with me. Its getting worse, pain has gone from slightly annoying 3 to 6 or 7. It feels better while I'm eating and when I hold my head down....what could this be? I have no insurance and have already shelled out a ton of cash to see a doctor...who's useless in my book. :(
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Jennie - sorry you are not getting relief.  It is nearly impossible to diagnose this sort of thing on a forum.  Possibilities would include (among other things, of course) inflammation of a saliva gland or a zoster-like outbreak.  Both can be very painful.  Did this doctor just look in your mouth or down your throat too?  ENT specialists would do that and maybe get more/better information.  I understand this is expensive, sorry.
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Take Vitamin C tablets for 15 days and see the results or you can take the GooseBerry before breakfast and before dinner for a month.

You avoid taking curd in night, take some ginger for a week (in very few quantity).

Do you have any acidity/digestive problem or Ear infection.
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This treatment is very cheap but will give you long lasting results.

Vitamin C will strenthen ur immune system.
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She looked in my mouth for 10 seconds. But I've seen nurses that have had a better look and said it was just a little red. You said a zoster - like outbreak? I did get a cold sore with the cold I had. But... in my throat? Would it effect the same part of my throat? It never fully goes away and gets really bad from time to time. I've read about every forum on sore throats and have looked at oral herpes. I don't have any in my mouth. I did have a red patch at the back of my throat..no bumps though. How long would that last?

I recently quit smoking. Developed a small canker sore to add insult to injury...no other sores. I've read up on Cancers of the throat and besides the sore throat I've got no other symptoms. My sister had thyroid cancer but a lump was clearly visible  I have no visible lump  or can I feel any ''lumps'' My lymph nodes aren't even swollen. I think it has something to do with my travels, I keep telling myself that cause cancer  freaks me out.

Acid reflux is something that comes up quite a bit. Considering my diet has changed considerably I gave this a chance. I ate plain toast, apples, and  white rice. Didn't eat for 4 hours before bedtime and drank water only. Took an antacid pill that actually gave me heartburn!  

What ''other things'' could it be? Is it something I should be worried about? Should I go home? I can't afford to see any more doctors here they are twice as expensive here. A specialist like an ENT I couldn't imagine how much that would cost.
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I don't normally have and digestive issues. I did have some ''stuffiness'' in my right ear when I woke in the morning but no pain and it cleared as soon as I got up and moving.That hasn't returned though. I don't eat dairy products. I take a multi -vitamin every day. I was eating 2 oranges and drinking pineapple juice everyday until I developed a cancer sore...which really hurt. Even though it hurts I still get plenty of fluids,( Water, sprite, and juice) a lot of rest, and exercise daily. I'm doing everything I can to keep my immune system up.But thanks, I do really appreciate all of your input.
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First off, take Patient1010's advice with a large block of salt.  This person has no idea what you have but has no problem recommending treatment. Vitamin C taken as a supplement has not been shown to affect the outcome of infections.  Everything else this person recommends is definitely cheap, but entirely baseless.  Part of the reason I weigh in on these forums is to look out for that...

OK, so now we have established that the doc looked in your mouth -- for a very short time -- and not into your throat (he or she would have had to use a mirror or a scope).  If you have pain in your THROAT the only way to get any objective information about it is to actually look at it!  But I am also assuming that that is where you exactly mean (many people use the word "throat" to describe very general areas).

I'm glad you stopped smoking.  Very unlikely to be a cancer.  You are young and they typically present very differently.  This sounds infectious and I agree that a virus is still the most likely.  Zoster is a reactivation of chicken pox, can be brought on by stress or illness, and can involve the throat.  This can be very painful.  Other viruses are also associated with vesicular lesions that also can be very tender.  Again, saliva gland inflammation could also be possible.  I would not be suspecting cancer.
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