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Persistent cough, little lump near saliva glands, neck and ear ache.

I have this cough that didn't quit for about 3-4 weeks now. I used antibiotics and it was supressed a bit. Now it's back and I also relized that I have a small lump close to my saliva gland (right side). It's a small (peas sized) lump and it's softer. My ear and chin (throat up to ear area) sometimes ache and hurt and I cough in different times  meaning at no specific time of the day, the cough gets worse. I've visited an ENT specialist and he couldn't find anything. I went to my family doctor and he couldn't find anything. For the cough I made a test (blew into some kind of machine to test my lung capacity) and it was around 90-95%, so not too bad. I got an X-ray and that revealed nothing about a certain disease. My family doctor said that the brochi are a little swollen, however nothing to worry about.

Right side of my head feels pressured sometimes and I feel extra tired and sleepy at times, but no weight loss. Neither do I have appetite loss. I have poor sleep sometimes and I have a stressful job.

Should I be worried that this cough is still bothering me and about this lump or is it totally something that comes and goes?

Ohh also could this be about thyroid - thyroiditis, given the neck ache and the lump? I have a family history with this...

Thank you!
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I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer the above question... Just as additional information, I should mention that I'm a 25 year old non-smoker male (160lbs, 5.8). I do drink occasionaly though. Thanks...
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Could someone please give me some advice? I have been checking occasionaly, but no one ever writes here!
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OK. Well before I got an answer to this, I have more to ask. Now I have a weird taste in my mouth and the throat ache/pain continues. An ENT thought that it was Herpes, however after using the pill, I showed no imporvement. I don't know what to do!! Any idea is welcome!!
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I also have a persistant cough with swollen glands (left side is worse than right), with pain up to my ear.  Two weeks ago I cought a nasty viral infection, affecting my throad only--no bronchual.  Took a Z-pack and was good as new four days later.  I was wondering if this could be a flare-up.

Sounds like yours is going on 6 weeks now.  I'm interested to see if you received a legitimate diagnosis?  X-rays are good, especially since a persistant cough is nothing to play around with.  

Best to you.  
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you might want to get tested for mono, i am a 26 year old male and i have had a pretty good bout with mono for the past 6 months, i had severe fatigue, equilibrium problems, swollen glands, chest pains, difficulty breathing and didn't know what was going on, after a couple blood tests they said i had mono, i still have the swollen glands and the lump on my right side of my throat, i still get headaches and head pressure and i still have random chest pains and dizziness, doctors keep saying its mono and could take as much as a year and half for my body to get under control, just thought you might want to get checked for that, i'm also considering getting checked for Lyme Disease, seems far fetched but i'm outdoors quite frequently and i have dogs, some of my symptoms correlate with Lyme but I just hate feeling weird all the time and trying to convince myself it is mono.  If you have any other info let me know as i am still trying to figure out if something else is plaguing me.
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