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Persistent cough

Back in mid December I had a bad cold, then during the holidays, I had a fever.
During first week of January 2011, I had a dry cough for about two days, before developing a fever of about 102-103F for a day. After the fever was gone, I had a productive cough hacking up a lot of white phlegm for about a couple of days. After that, I seemed to be constantly bringing up phlegm/mucous and coughing - though not at the same time. The phelgm is usually white. Sometimes it's sticky and stringy, sometimes it's more watery. The cough seemed to be worse if I'm exposed to cold air. I cough mostly during the day, but it's a slight cough - I think average is about 40 per day? Sometimes when I wake up, I would feel a tightness on my chest.

Other than the cough and the mucous - my throat seemed fine. I had a course of antibiotics of Apo-clarithromycin 500mg for 5 days and also Robitussin AC 100mg, both of which didn't help. I also had a chest x-ray done, the doctor said it looked ok.
It's now 6 weeks and my cough is still here, it seemed to be more dry now than before. The doctors think it's bronchitis, although I'm not sure why the cough would last so long.
I've also tried herbal remedies i.e. Oregano oil, and some traditional Chinese medicine, that doesn't seem to help much either.
The doctor told me I have to wait it out, but it's being 6 weeks. I'm not sure what I can do to just get rid of the cough?
I never smoked, but was exposed to second-hand smoke for about two weeks in January.
I don't have asthma, and as far as I know, I wasn't allergic to anything.
Other than thyroid medications, I'm not taking other medications.
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