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Phlegm in Throat Sickness Cough

Hey Guys! Im freaking out! I started December 10th, and we are now December 21st. the First symptoms I got on December 10th was fatigue general malaise and a low grade fever not going up past 100.3. I had a extreme sore throat! My lymph nodes were hurting, and everything. I had no white spots no yellow spots in my throat. Just extremely red and swollen in my throat. I had the sore throat and general malaise for a couple days. I thought I was getting better, but then nasal congestion came, stuffy nose, runny nose. Then came a really bad cough that would wake me up in the night. It would be a tickle that would trigger it. I had green thick sticky mucus. Then about a couple of days ago, I had that tickle cough, but like a coughing attack episode. And It would be extreme thick clear sticky mucus, to the point of throwing up. The sore throat is on and off, but I think the slight pain in throat is from hacking up, so its inflamed, and so forth. But what really scared me  is 2 days ago, I don't know how to explain this process, but when I hack up my phlegm its not by coughing, its by breathing in and clearing my throat (It sounds nasty and ugly) and bringing out of my nose sort of. It was strings of blood. And every since then I have been having when I blow my nose blood. And now I'm hacking up strings of blood. Sometimes its blood strings, and others are just yellow or clear mucus. But its not like I cough up really bad and blood comes out. Its when I hack up and it makes that ugly sound. I feel a little dizzy and weak now. But Could the blood be from irritated nose and throat from constantly doing that.
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