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(Picture) White patches two years after tonsillectomy? Also, strange bump...

Hi there, this is going to be a bit gross so I apologise!

I had my tonsils out two years ago and have had white patches remain at the site of the removal, even though the wound has obviously healed by now. I have gone to an ENT for separate reasons and they have never commented on the white patches. This only came to my attention as being abnormal as my friend who has also had their tonsils out was showing me their recovery, and I noticed the site where her tonsils once existed match the pinkish/red colour of the rest of her mouth. I've attached photos of the white patches. Someone please tell me, is this normal???

Also, you will be able to see a small white/clear bump at the back of my mouth that I've drawn a box around in one of the photos. It is painless however it has been there for two weeks, should I avoid kissing my partner until is goes away?
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I think the white patches are just the way your tissue scarred - benign and normal for you.  The bump looks like a harmless mucocele.  
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