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Please Help Me. Balance disorder or a mini stroke?

Hi there.. I am a 29 year old female. I Gave birth to my 3rd child 8 weeks ago. I developed severe high blood pressure 2 days before giving birth and was put on labetalol after giving birth, my BP continued to rise average reading was 200/115 I was also given Nifedipine for 5 days ( was stopped due to breast feeding). Continued on labetalol 300mg 3times a day until baby was 4 weeks old as BP stabilized.

So 4 weeks of no problems...

Until Monday. Woke in morning felt fine, come early afternoon while hanging out washing my Right ear became muffled and i started to feel like i was going to fall over i also had a tingling feeling down the right side of my face and my speech seemed a little funny. I went to my GP straight away who took my BP which was raised again 160/96 he seemed very concerended as i was very unsteady and sent me to the hospital. The neurologists done a CTscan and MRI scan both came back clear. They also said my right ear is clear and blood tests all normal also. I got home tuesday tea time. and recieved a call from hospital as the proffesor wanted me to go back so he could examine me. I said i was unable to due to having baby and 2 other kids and i would come as a out patient. He advised if i got any worse to go back to GP.

things have stayed the same balance and ear wise until today when i was in the car (hubby driving) I kept having somersault feeling in my stomach like when u go fast over a dip in the road. When we got home i decided to hoover the house on doing so my ear got really bad again and my balance really bad again also. I have also developed the tingling in my face again. I did noticed yest i had a few sharp pains in the right side and left side of my head above my eyes in my forehead.

I am feeling terrible again. i feel so confused and spaced out like u get when you are on morphine ( only way i can explain it)....

i really think there something not quite right deep inside my right ear but the doctors had a look inside and said its clear. i go back to see Neurologist in 2 weeks time

Only other medical problems i have. Is a Thyroid Nodule which i am due to have surgery next week to removed as had 2 inconclusive biopsys.. All thyroid bloods are fine..

Can anyone help me figure out what might be wrong with me. I am feeling really down in the dumps at the moment i cant hold my baby without being seated incase i fall while holding him... I hope all this post makes sense i have read over it a few times. If there anything else you would like to know or i have missed please let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read my problem
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I would highly doubt that this is an exclusive inner problem given the information you shared.  I would be much more concerned about this being a neurological/vascular issue.  You should inform the Neurologist's office about these symptoms right away as they may want you to be seen sooner.
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Agree with ENTMD, sounds Neurovascular.  As ENTMD suggested, I would try to get an appointment sooner to see the Neurologist.  

Definitely no ENT Situation I think.

Sounds like you had preeclampsia before this birth and it has not really resolved.  

You should also post in the Maternal and Child Community.  
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Thankyou for both your replies.

I went for a afternoon nap and called the emergency doctors. Went along at 10pm last night. Again she checked my ear and it was clear, She advised to get intouch with Neurologist today. I totally broke down and was so upset, because i so really feel its a inner ear infection and that a course of antibiotics would help couldnt stop crying because i felt no one was listening to me and that i was feeling stressed about having to leave baby and kids to go back into hospital....

I have not gotten any worse since yesterday so i will wait till later before calling the GP to get in touch with Hospital. As i keep thinking it will get better...

Thank you again for your replies

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I have a inner ear problem, and I think the major problem you are having is not coming from the inner ear; could be something affecting the ear.  I still think it is a neurovascular problem.    

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Thanks for replying. I am going over to Gps at 12pm Will tell them i need to be seen sooner... I dont know much about Neuro stuff. Do you have any ideas what it could be causing it? a Vein or something?

Thanks so much again. Sorry if i am being a pain

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I was thinking something vascular as a probability.  I am just not sure if this is purely vascular, neuro or a combo of both.  
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You are not a pain, lol.  You just want to sort out what is wrong with you.  No problem.
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Thanks. When i was at the doctors on weds he told me a story he had a man come in a month ago with tingling in his arm and he thought it was his neck.. The doctor sent him to Neuro and they done CT and MRI which both came back clear. They put it down to his neck.. Well 2 days later he has a massive stroke. So i think i better get this sorted and get well for my kids. I just so hate hospitals and you always left waiting for hours..

I discharged myself on tuesday because i had my MRI at 10am and was left till 4pm before anyone came to tell me anything. I am breastfeeding i hadnt seen my baby in 24 hours my boobs were so sore and i was so stressed...

Have accepted now that if i need to be addimted thats something i am gonna have to deal with...

Thanks again Londres
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Yes, this is very difficult especially when you have little ones at home.  

If you have to be admitted, maybe you can pump the milk and send it home with your husband or family to give to the baby.  

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO WAIT DO NOT DISCHARGE YOURSELF.  Think of your little ones/your family.  They deserve a mommy who takes care of herself.  

Please keep us posted.  
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Yer. Been to GP. They sending me back into the Neurology Hospital Leaving in a hour. I will def keep you posted.

Speak soon.

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Hi all. Been back in hospital since friday they have let me home on a day pass have to go back in this evening.

They done another MRI scan and injected me with something so they could see blood vessels. The scan came back clear. My blood pressure is still sky high Higest reading yest afternoon was 200/137. They gonna get me back on Labetalol.

The doctor came round this morning to examine me again. He said something about the nervous system and brain nerves not sending right signals.. Not sure what he would mean by this. He said i will have another scan 2moro and that i will have some injection again. He also arranging for the ENT to come and see me also..

Anyone any ideas what he would mean by nervous system Brain nerves and signals??.

Thanks again

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Signals come from our brain via nerves that regulate our breathing, heart rate, etc. The Nervous System is extremely intricate.  I think what he is trying to say is your brain could be sending abnormal signals to the other parts of your body throwing things into a haywire of problems.  I would liken it to the wiring of a home or building; if the one wire is faulty, it can cause problems for the whole circuit.  I am just guessing what he meant.  You should always ask a physician to clarify what he/she means if you do not understand.  

Well, it is good ENT will see you and you getting another scan tomorrow.  
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