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Post Nasal Drip

Around 3 months ago, I had an HIV scare. I had an encounter where I fingered a woman of unknown HIV status. Around 11 days after exposure, I had a panic attack, because I thought I had oral thrush. However, I have been repeatedly told that I have no risk for HIV. Regardless, I have been experiencing the following symptoms:

After my panic attack, I thought I had oral thrush, and applied oral gel for a couple of weeks, but it did not make a difference. After this, I realised that I had developed dry mouth, not oral thrush, which only worsened my concern about HIV. However, a couple of weeks ago, I have realised that I have been experiencing post nasal drip. I am not sure if it is caused by the dry mouth, or if the dry mouth is causing it. Regardless, if I don't swallow frequently, mucus builds up at the back of my throat. I cannot seem to spit it out, and I have to swallow it.

Also, if I talk for too long, or go without drinking water for too long, my tongue dries up. Furthermore, by the end of the day, I have white gunk built up at the back of my tongue, which I have to clean out with the back of a toothbrush. I am fairly sure the stuff that comes off is mucus, because it is clear and gooey. In addition, my spit does not seem to be as thin and clear as it should be, as it seems more foamy and white.

What could be the cause of all this? The most annoying thing is that I have to keep drinking water, otherwise my tongue does not remain moist enough. I am fairly sure it is not HIV; although I will get tested soon (too afraid to do it at the moment). It is not caused by a cold, because I have been experiencing these symptoms for a while. Could it be caused by some respiratory issue? If I look up my nose in the mirror, one nasal airway seems to be almost closed.
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I also have the PND, and the white tounge. I've had multiple HIV tests they have been negative. I've been dealing with this for 6 months. And every time I go to the doctor they say thrush or allergies. Drives me nuts.
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What I find really scary is that I never had this issue before my HIV scare. I hope my tests  come back negative.

Do you find that you have to clean the back of your tongue every night to get the white gunk off it? I also have to drink water all the time throughout the day.
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Yeah I clean my tongue every night, it all ways comes back. I have always drank water or something all day. Just been like that since I can remember.
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There are strains of infectious microbes called Mycobacterium, which are not detected by the normal tests available in most doctors' offices, and must be specially-ordered.
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Are these microbes capable of drying out my tongue?
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I went to the doctor last week for my white tongue, he put me on nystatin. Must say I think its working my tongue is less white. I can tell its doing some thing to my throat. Hope this works for ya.
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