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Post-nasal drip / Rhinorrhea

I've had post-nasal drip for about 5 months now, with no other symptoms. No sneezing, no "runny nose", and no nasal congestion/obstruction. The mucus looks and feels just like the stuff that comes out of the nose when I get allergies or a cold, but it drips into my throat and mouth instead of from the front of the nose.
We have done various blood tests and scans, but nothing has given any indication as to anything abnormal, and none of the treatments we've tried have had much effect either.

I have the following questions:
1) Several treatments (e.g. ipratropium bromide) state that they are effective for rhinorrhea but not for post-nasal drip. What does this mean? Isn't post-nasal drip just "rhinorrhea that runs down the throat"?
2) Is there anything else that it could be, other than rhinorrhea?
3) If is rhinorrhea, why am I getting zero coming out of the nose, when there is so much going down the throat?

Aside from these questions, any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Stopping dairy sometimes solves the problem.  Also try drinking green tea with mint.  Eat more vegetables and decrease sugar as inflammation will be reduced and this can ease symptoms too.  

I have had this in the past, but never had it again after stopping dairy (which does not include eggs) and decreasing sugar.  
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