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Post-septoplasty concern

My septum was deviated to the right and I could not breathe through my right nostril for the past few months.
I had a septoplasty 8 days ago. . No splints, just a dissolvable packing, and most of it was removed by the doctor during my post op yesterday using a suction tube. That opened up my right side and it felt great for a day. The doctor said I was progressing very well and I am scheduled to see him in a month.

However, today, the right side is blocked again. I used saline spray and gentle blowing of the nose (as my doctor advised), and that opens up the right side temporarily before it's blocked again. Here are my questions:

- How long will it take before the right side opens up for good?

- Can I use a neti pot?

- My major problem is sleep. I sleep on my side at night, and what's annoying is that I have my right side or left side completely blocked when I wake up. The blockage alternates depending on what side I am sleeping on. For example, as soon as I laid down on the bed today, the blockage shifted completely from the right side, which has been blocked all day, to the left side. Is this normal? Why is it still happening after the septoplasty?

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