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Pressure behind nose inside ear

I'm getting pressure feeling inside the nose above the pallete, and in my ears, like my ears feel full.

Sometimes my ears itch, sometimes mildly hurt but goes away. Sometimes out of nowhere the buzzing in my head goes loud then stops sudden followed by a low volume, ringing in the ears feeling lightheaded and faint, it only last a few seconds then doesn't come back.

I find it hard to think. When I think or read my head hurts and pressure above palet behind nose and discomfort in the throat.

It feels like I'm having slurred thought. I also get tension headaches now and then.

I had nasal sprays twice, this time was the Avamys, but it's nearly finish and and doesn't work.
Was told by doctor I have a lot of fluid in my ears.

Would it harm to try nasal irrigation?

I find if my nose blocks up my anxiety gets worse.
I been in and out of doctors with different symptoms, from acid reflux to leg arm numbness it's hard to know which is real, and which is just anxiety, despite being told by my therapist anxiety causes lots of symptoms.

Had multiple blood tests, chest xray and a physical exam like tapping knee and feeling the spine for anything and was told I'm fine, just muscles are always tight,

I'm always feeling tired, numbness in my foot or arms or tiredness makes a unexplainable discomfort in my head behind the nose or eyes and increases my anxiety, like some type of tension headache.

Had this last year too, gets worse  during spring and summer. Is this common with sinus problems or maybe a tumor somewhere in the brain?

I had an eye test for eye pressure, they couldn't see much serious.
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Have you gone to a ENT yet?
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Hi there, I’m going through something similar and was diagnosed with severe anxiety, my dr can’t find anything wrong with me but I’m definitely feeling like there’s something wrong! Did your dr say that anxiety can cause the ear fullness??
Hiya, nah the dr just said there's a lot of fluid in my ears, ai been getting an extra dose of nasal sprays.
I read somewhere that anxiety causes ear fullness. I'm constantly anxious for no reason and tired. It sucks when you get that feeling there's something more than anxiety because it feels like it. (Not that I don't trust the docs,)
What you getting for the anxiety? Do you take meds with it or CBT?
What nasal spray are you taking?? Did they say this could be allergy related? Is what your taking helping? Yep I feel that.... it’s really depressing :(
I have (another) dr appt today and want to mention to the dr anything that might cause this ear fullness I want it to be checked out, I’m thinking Eustachian tube disfunction maybe?? I have a referral for an ENT but can’t get in until December!! they have given me nothing for anxiety but a referral to see a psychologist - which I will see once I have tried everything I can for this... I know this is a major sign of anxiety but do you get a tight throat or a lump in the throat sensation or post nasal drip feeling - I do and I feel it has something to do with my ears.... do you take anything for anxiety? If so does it help with these symptoms?
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