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Pressure in the back of head from sinusitis - only one side, is this normal?

I've been dealing with sinus issues for the past 3 months.  I haven't been able to see an ENT due to Covid-19 until later this month.  I was treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics after a sinus infection in Feb/March (maybe, or could have just been viral, I had a horrible virus in February).  This has been unlike anything else I've experienced sinus wise, I've never had sinusitis other than a normal infection that goes away with antibiotics.  My symptoms are primarily on my right side only and I had a lot of ear pain and neck pain too.   Most of my post nasal drip, pressure in my frontal sinuses have reduced, however I still have a strange lingering pressure in my head.  Some days it's worse than others, and it's only one my right side.  When I lay down at night it hurts behind my ear and wraps around to the back of my head (but still only on one side).  I can't lay on that side at all, every single night.  It's really more of a pressure than pain but it hurts.  During the day it's not so bad, some days worse than others and I just feel like my head is going to explode.  This has been going on for weeks.  This has caused me so much anxiety since I haven't been able to just get to an ENT for an appointment or scan.  I also have a lot of crackling and popping sounds when I move my head/neck, ears pop a lot, and my jaw even hurts and pops a lot too (I've always had some jaw issues though).  I am really most worried about the pressure I feel in my head, why is it only one sided, and is it normal to hurt when I lay down?  I can't wait to finally see a doctor soon as I am concerned it's something more serious.
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I am not expert.  But i have same symtons now .. Its look like stress.... Drink plenty of water.  Warm garle.  4 times .... Oral hygines. . And yoga..pranayaam helps alot
Hope this help..
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Thank you.  I finally saw the ENT and got a scan.  I do have some structural things going on that make my sinuses difficult to drain, but we also think I may be dealing with TMJ due to lots of jaw popping and jaw pain too.  going to get that checked out too.
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