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Psychological ways to get rid of tinnitus

What are the Psychological ways to get rid of tinnitus?
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I would be very interested to know. I have pulsatile tinnitus loud and constant for 10 years now. It plays on my nerves and my sleep. I learn with time to place my head in a certain position to be able to get to sleep if not no sleep. I am a person who always enjoy quietness and silence, not anymore for me. This came after a big migraine. I used to hear my pulse with migraine but now it is all the time the only plus is that I don't have these type of migraine anymore only retinal migraine scary at first but short live. The ORL dr. told me that I have a way to know if I am still alive !  At times I wish to die because it tires me and does interfere with my life and I am loosing fine definition in sounds.
I realized that if I am very busy and taken by my activity I forget about it but right now writing this it is there and loud, the weather plays a role  too.
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Hi homediy. Do a search for "Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)".
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lately the noise has become much louder, I've always heard for a very long time. I just deal with it but it is so very annoying when you say to some one don't you hear that noise an they can't.just never give up and nerve ever hunt yourself. Just know that there are other suffering and that eventually you will be able to sleep even with the noise. there dose seem to be a easy cure.  
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