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Purposefully Popping Ears by Opening Jaw all the Time..Bad for Ears?

I've had some eustachian tube dysfunction for the past couple of months.  It does not come from congestion or allergies but rather seemed to develop over a long period of time over the past year, possibly from using tight-fitting earmuffs and earplugs in the past or some other neurological problem.

Anyway, because my E-tubes always feel blocked or feel like they have negative pressure, I often try to pop my ears.  I do this my opening my jaw quickly like I am about to yawn; I do NOT do it by pinching my nose and blowing.  Swallowing also inadvertently does this the majority of the time, and almost acts as a 'vacuum' in my inner ear.  
The problem concerns that I often experience what feels like a sudden and dramatic change in pressure in my middle ears, to the point where my eardrum seems to move outward in my ear (also, there is often a loud 'plonk' noise like opening a champagne bottle).  It has often resulted in transient imbalance, hearing loss, visual aura, and tinnitus.  The hearing loss is either high or very low frequency.

Could I possibly be damaging my my middle ears, eardrums, or inner ears by intentionally popping my ears in this way?  I'm just wondering if the sudden change in pressure is being transmitted to my round or oval windows.

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