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Recurrent Throat Infection


I am a 21-year old male now nearly approaching 6 months since I had a really bad throat infection and I have several complication that have come after that. I have seen several doctors, but none have found a source. Several have stated anxiety and 2 doctors have stated tonsil removal.

So about 5 almost 6 months ago I had a very bad throat infection that was very similar to strep. I had 1 rapid strep test and 2 throat cultures in the span of 1 month and all of these were normal. Also for the past 5 months all tests I have done have been mostly normal.

I do have high blood pressure now, the lymph nodes under my neck have been swollen for 4/5 months, sometimes have lower abdominal pain, and get frequent hot flashes. When I swallow I feel a weird crunch sound inside my throat. My ENT recently did a flexible laryngoscopy and saw a lot of mucus down my throat and also wrote cricoid mucosa edema consistent with reflux. She also told me noticed parts around that area irritated which i guess explains why whenever I swallow I feel the crunching sound. I recently have been getting tonsils stones, which I have never had, or at least never noticed and these are bothering me.

My gastro did a stool culture all negative and am now due for a colonoscopy and endoscopy because of the abdominal pain and my stool is very weird. I can't seem to get to the bottom of this annoying issue and it is literary destroying my life. I have 1 more year of college which I am placing on hold because of this and might lose my job because of how I feel day to day.

Does anyone have any idea of what it could possibly be? Again, it has been 6 months and it has not gone away by itself, it's actually getting worse again.

Thank you!
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