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Rice Snot

I just recently ate dinner (chicken and rice) after I finished eating, I felt a booger in my nose so I went to blow my nose. My nose hurt while blowing and when I looked in the tissue, and I saw 5 grains of rice came out (figuratively /literally the most disgusting thing ever) please give me any explanation for this occurrence. No food stuck in my throat or mouth and I washed it all down with water when I was done
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Sorry this happened to you.  Sadly, I've had it happen as well.  Not often but once is enough. It's quite uncomfortable!  It happens often if we cough or sneeze while chewing.  The uvula works with your soft palette to prevent food from entering the nasal cavity when swallowing. These work together to close the nasopharynx.  Nasal regurgitation can happen if there is a malfunction in this process.  All of the muscles must act in sync to prevent food from entering the nasal cavity when swallowing and for some reason yours didn't.  Here's an old post here at medhelp in which National Jewish Research Center weighed in stating that this can happen without coughing.  If it happens again, please see your doctor. By the way, do you have any respiratory issues such as COPD?
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