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Ringing and plugged left ear , please help .

Went for about a 20 min run on Wednesday of last week , came back took out my AirPods which I was listening to a podcast on really low, immediately I felt my left ear was plugged and had trouble hearing out of it,but had perfect hearing before my run. My hearing is starting to come back but I now have a ringing sensation in my ear .. does anybody know what could have happened during my brisk neighborhood run ???! Any information is greatly appreciated!!
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Oh, I know how annoying this is!  I've been there.  Here is my guess.  you used the AirPods.  You may have had some wax build up.  It got compacted.  This can cause that plugged up feeling that also distorts your hearing and then can create ringing.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/ear-feels-clogged-and-ringing#earwax-impaction  I'd get some debrox and try to see if that helps.  (at any drug store, follow directions. Safe for babies, safe for everyone).  If that doesn't solve it, sure you aren't getting an ear infection?  But I had this for a different reason which was issues with my Eustachian tube.  Try the earwax fix first.  Let me know.
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