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Ringing in ears, long after the high pitched noise

I'm not sure what my problem is, so thought i'd just start a new post...
When i hear high pitched or simply LOUD noises, I feel both pressure and pain in my right ear, and a continued ringing, long after the noise has stopped (continues at least 1/2 hour, sometimes much longer).  The sensation is almost like a pulse, but it is not in the same rhythm as my heart, so I don't think it is simple blood flow.  I get an anxiety reaction instantly with this sensation, as if it is wired straight into my nervous system.  I mean, the problem is not that I have a few scared thoughts, and then get anxiety; this anxiety is not mediated by a single thought, it is instantaneous.

Has anyone experienced this?  It's been going on for a few months now, but sometimes my ear drum seems more sensitive than others.  For example, if I have even one serving of alcohol, the next morning this effect is doubled.
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Sounds like recruitment. Do you have a hearing loss at all?  Recruitment is "abnormal loudness growth." The response is usually pain, uncomfortable and can make people jittery.
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u  must stay away from loud music that all or u will end up like dj Pete Tong

here is the video trailer u might want to check based on what happening to you but watch all of it


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Thanks.  i had not heard of "recruitment."  i will research it.  "pain, uncomfortable, and can make people jittery" sounds exactly like what i feel.  the incidence and nature of it varies a LOT, however.  for example, right now it is not happening at all, even though noises from the street just below this downtown apartment with the windows wide open, is not settng off the ear drum "freak out" at all.  
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Noise induced hearing loss is not a rapid event. Sure it exsists, but you just don't wake up and realize, "Hey, I'm deaf," due to noise exposure.  

There is such a thing as Sudden Sensory Neural Hearing loss, but it is usually unilateral, and if properly medicated shortly after onset, the prognosis is good.

Simply put, the movie is far fetched. Secondly, this Pete Tong fellow,  would only need to get a cochlear implant, and poof.... he would hear again.

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