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Ringing in right ear for 4 months

Ok hopefully someone can help me here, I went to Florida on vacation when I came home from vacation I noticed the sound of running water in my right ear sounded really strange. I didn't really think anything of it went on about my life, well about two weeks later I went to lay down in bed and a loud ringing began in my right ear. I went to the ER a few days later they told me it looked like my eardrum was a little irritated and gave me some nasal spray and said it was probably just allergies. So I used that until it was gone didn't make any difference, so I made an appointment with an ENT he looked in the ears said they were really clean, so they proceeded to do a hearing test said my hearing was great. They told me I had tinnitus this has been going on for 4 months now, what's weird though is the sound of a fan or any white noise sound which they say should help does nothing but make my tinnitus worse???? Can anyone please help me???
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