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Ruptured Eardrum???????

OK so when i lay down soemtimes there is like a crackling sound and it doenst happen every night or everyday...but its a crackling sound when i swallow or move my jaw. then in the morning my ear is like wet and has some wet wax in it? im worried i have a ruputed ear drum? i dont reember it ever rupturing...or any really bad pain? the docs said i have fludi in my ear last april and they also said i had Labrynthisis?? but then i went to an ent and said that i could have never had that diease b/c i never had spinning dizziness...but now im worried i have a ruptured ear drum..it has been clicking and wet kinda a few times throughout the year and soo im super worried. its the ear that i lay on every night but idk if that makes a difference? any info would help?
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I've been trying to resolve my own middle ear problems for three weeks now.  From what I have read on the internet it can be a rupture because of the pressure.  It also says that it will heal on its own.  Don't know about that--I would still be concerned.  Glad to hear you have at least seen an ENT.  Keep bugging them.  Go to the ENT again.  Your hearing is something to protect.  Can't believe you have lived for a whole year with this problem.  The "underwater" feeling is driving me crazy and I've only lived with it since a severe cold happened 4 weeks ago.  I hope you find some relief soon.  
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