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Ruptured Eardrum

I went to a ENT doctor today to get wax cleaned out of my ears. After he performed a ear irrigation with water, he noticed my eardrum was perforated. He said I would need ear drops just encase there was discharge or issues since he used water to clean my ear and it was perforated. On the way out we started talking about a follow up and something else. Both of us neglected to get me the ear drops. Two hours after I got home, my ear was in more pain than I had ever felt before. The ENT office was closed so I went to the ER. They tried getting a hold of the doctor that performed the irrigation with no luck. They dropped a numbing agent into my ear for the pain and then wrote a prescription for a antibiotic.

I went to CVS, got the antibiotic and then went home. I used the antibiotic and have had a cotton ball on the outer portion of my ear ever since. First there was a little bit of yellow fluid on the cotton ball and now it's turned a light pink. The good news is the pain has subsided somewhat since I took the antibiotic but I can't tell if it's the numbing agent they gave me at the hospital or the antibiotic. Either way I'm not thrilled about the pink on the cotton ball. It hasn't gotten any worse since I initially noticed the pink color for the first time.

I think all this started with an airplane flight. During landing, the ear in question gave a single loud pop and I started having problems. I thought it was just wax, but after the wax was cleared today I started having these problems.

I'm going to contact the ENT tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some answers. Should I go back to the emergency room tonight over the blood though?

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