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I was recently diagnosed with a throat infection. I suppose it was bacterial because the Doc gave me an injection-form Penicillin and a prescription of 500mg of Amoxicillin (pills). This is my second day on the antibiotic. Symptoms:

+ mild-to-severe sore throat (red)
+ difficulty swallowing; from pain
+ one or two red spots on roof of mouth (going away, I think)
+ ear-ache (probably attributed to the infection)
+ swollen glands (still slightly tender)
+ sensation as if throat is shutting up; inability (difficulty) to drink liquids
+ fever of 100.3 (gone)

I'm wondering if this is strep. The Doc said it was just some "random throat infection." I think it's more. Anyway, besides trying to prove my doctor wrong; how long will a throat infection last after starting antibiotics. Please, help!
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